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Sunday, 19 Apr 09 (back to top)

I started reading chapter books a few weeks ago. The very first chapter book that I read all by myself is "Inky the Indigo Fairy."

Sunday, 5 Apr 09 (back to top)

Two weeks ago, I signed back up for the grade school gymnastics class at The Little Gym. I had been a been a bit reluctant to join the older class. But I had a ton of fun and look forward to going back this week!

Sunday, 6Jan 08 (back to top)

Dad got me really mad the other night. I wrote up a few notes to him at my desk: "I hate you Love Freya and Blaise" and "yow R Guna Git timat. uow R Bad. Stopd DAd. Red. Fomr: Freya." (You are going to get a time out. You are bad. Read. From: Freay)

On Friday we went to Daisy Girl Scouts. I practiced tying shoelaces. And today I memorized the Girl Scout promse. I get a patch when I can recite it back to my leaders.

I forgot to mention that I got an ice cream ball for Christmas. We made some s'mores ice cream yesterday when my friend Megan came over.

Tuesday, 1 Jan 08 (back to top)

I've been really working away at my desk. I created a "Bird Club" and invited Mom, Dad, Blaise, Grandma & Grandpa to join. Whenever I play my "bird sound" toy, we need to meet in my room for activities. I also started writing notes to my parents. I just gave Dad a note that says "I love you Mom an Dad Sdia notic backi. if yooy kcnei Red." (I love you Mom and Dad. Send note back if you can read [it].)

Sunday, 30 Dec 07 (back to top)

Happy Holidays! Grandma Chula and Grandpa Bear have been visiting for a couple of weeks. Cousins Ellie, Angelo, Aunt Claire and Uncle Agustin also came to visit, but only for a few days. I enjoyed sleeping in our milk carton "castle" with Ellie, Angelo and Blaise. We made a bunch of silly home movies that we called "Tag Tag" movies, that included a lot of booty slapping. I got a new desk yesterday, and today we went bowling (my first time). I'm looking forward to going back to school.

Tuesday, 4 Sep 07 (back to top)

I start Kindergarten tomorrow. I'm very excited. We went out and bought some clothes and new shoes yesterday, and we went out practicing bike riding on Saturday & Sunday. We went to a corn maze on Saturday. That was lots of fun!

Sunday, 5 Aug 07 (back to top)

Dad turns 40 in a few days. He said that for his birthday he wants bifocals and a cane. So today, Grandma Chula and I cut out some bifocals and a cane from a paper bag and put them in our mail box. Dad was quite surprised and pleased.

Monday, 30 July 07 (back to top)

My 2 bottom front teeth fell out today! I was at MAC Preschool camp and one tooth fell out in the morning and the other during the afternoon. I'm going to buy a Pet Shop toy with the money I get from the tooth fairy!

Monday, 25 June 07 (back to top)

I woke up today and my tooth was loose!!! (Bottom front tooth). I'm very excited! I get money from the tooth fairy! I've been telling everyone!

Sunday, 3 June 07 (back to top)

Today at church (Unitarian Universalist), they had a rites of passage event. I got to go up on stage since I'm starting Kindergarten and I got a small gift (an eraser) to help me with the mistakes I make as I start life. Mom and I are now at a playstructure store. We're buying one for Blaise for his birthday.

Tuesday, 17 Apr 07 (back to top)

I figured out about a week ago, that I can move the kitchen stool over to the refrigerator and climb up it to get to the goodies kept on top. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad got rid of the goodies. :-(

Sunday, 25 Feb 07 (back to top)

Today, Dad and I made a movie with my doll house and dolls while Blaise napped. It was called "Dolls Forever, Magic!". It's on our family video tape for safekeeping.

Friday, 2 Feb 07 (back to top)

Dad signed me up for Kindergarten yesterday morning. I'm going to go to Willamette Primary School starting in September. I got the last spot in the first all-day class. Dad's really excited.

Tuesday, 9 Jan 07 (back to top)

Grandma Chula & Grandpa Bear are still here. They taught me how to play Uno and Pit. We play the Star Trek version of Uno. You have to say "Space, the final Uno frontier" to win. I'm getting pretty good at it.

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