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31 Dec 02 (back to top)

Happy (almost) New Year! Mom's really excited. Although I've been saying Mama and Dada indescriminently over the past several months, today I really started using "Mama" and meaning Mom. When Dad got me out of the crib, I pointed to the door and said "Mama!". I know what I want and I know how to let others know now. Power is great!

Mom and Dad bought me some new shoes yesterday. I'm now a size 5W. The shoes are cute, but I like my kitty moccasins better -- Mom and Dad don't have to hold me down as long to put them on.

We went to a local Kwanza festival the other night. I really liked dancing to the drummer and saying hi to everyone. It was a fun night.

27 Dec 02 (back to top)

We're back from vacation! Mom and Dad took me on a very long car with lots of seats that goes up in the air. Mom and Dad bought me lots of new toys to play with while we had to sit in our seats. I really enjoyed drawing with my crayons on the "tray table". When they allowed us to get out of the "car", it was very warm! I got to wear my bathing suit every day.

One of my favorite things that we did was go to a "Luau". I got to sit by the front and watch the dancers and singers. I love music! It makes me want to move and dance. Mom's encouraging that. And Dad bought me a drum made out of a section of sugar cane.

I didn't like the ride back home. We did the "red eye". I made sure that my displeasure was heard by everyone who came back with us on the same airplane.

ps. Did you know that if you step on Play Doh it sticks to carpets?

18 Dec 02 (back to top)

Dad found this in the paper yesterday. There was an article about holiday traditions. One question was:

Why do people hang mistletoe and kiss underneath it?

Mistletoe traditions go back many years to many cultures. In most places, mistletoe is considered a sign of love, peace and goodwill.

But why would people kiss under mistletoe, a parasitic plant that grows on trees? You can thank Frigga [Freya] for that, or so goes one theory recounted in "How Christmas Works."

Frigga is the Scandanavian goddess of love and beauty. One day, according to tradition, Frigga's son, Balder, was killed by a poison dart that his enemy, Loki, made from mistletoe. Frigga's tears changed the red mistletoe berries to white and raised Balder from the dead. In gratitude for getting her son back, Frigga then reversed mistletoe's bad reputation and kissed everyone who walked underneath it.

BTW, I've recently learned a very cool word: "No". When I start doing something I know I'm not supposed to do (like eat cat food), I look over my shoulder at Mom and say "No" as I start reaching for the tender morsels. I think this word has much power. I will have to investigate further.

16 Dec 02 (back to top)

Dad thought it would be cool to start an online Web log for me. I can't quite type yet, although I *love* typing on Mom & Dad's computer keyboards. Dad says that I deleted 40 of his work emails when he stepped out of the room to use the bathroom. I didn't mean to; it's just that the delete key is one of the closest ones to the side of the keyboard I can reach.

Dad's going to start this log until I can take it over. Today is Monday, Dec 16. I'm just over 15 months old. One of the newest things I can do is tell my parents when I want "more" of something. I take my index finger of one hand and press it into the open palm of my other hand. It works really well when they give me snacks like baby banana crackers or cheese. (Yum!)

The toys I like to play with most (today) are the few cars & trains I've got. I recently learned how to push them on the floor and the coffee table. BTW, has anyone seen my little kitty, Booties?