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Tuesday, 26 Dec 06 (back to top)

Happy Christmas! I got a Barbie laptop computer as my big gift this year. I asked Mom & Dad and Santa for it. Now that I've got it, I'm not really interested in it much. I like Blaise's train set better. Grandma Chula and Grandpa Bear are visiting. We created a nice place to hide/nap by draping blankets over a card table.

Saturday, 18 Nov 06 (back to top)

Mom and Dad had a rough week. On Sunday, the gym lost power, so Dad had to go in and help get the birthday parties going by lamp-light. On Tuesday Andrea was sick and Rochelle broke her nose. On Wednesday the power went out again due to a storm, and on Thursday the people doing construction next door broke the water main.

Wednesday, 8 Nov 06 (back to top)

My best friend is Claire Langley. We're both in Mr. Steve's class at preschool. Claire and her twin brother, Connor live in Lake Oswego. On Wednesdays, after school, we meet at The Little Gym for our class. Today was "Progress Party Sleepover" day, so we got to do our gymnastics in our pajamas. That was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, 7 Nov 06 (back to top)

Sorry I haven't written for a year!!! We moved to Oregon last year. Dad drove up with Tori (our cat) and I flew up with Mom & Blaise. My new room is painted "rainbow" -- each wall has a different color. I go to school at Lake Oswego Montessori School and my teachers are Mr. Steve and Ms. SuZan. (Yes, with a capitol Z.) They're very nice.

This year, Mom & Dad bought me a trundle bed. I'm also learning how to read. My favorite books (for Mom & Dad to read to me) are the Magic Tree House books, and the Droon books. For Halloween this year I was a butterfly. I'm also taking classes at The Little Gym. I'm a Giggle Worm.

Today, after school, Dad, Blaise and I went to the library to vote. I got to put Mom & Dad's sealed ballot in the ballot box. After that I ran downstairs to play on the computer. Dad read me 4 chapters in book #17 of the Droon series tonight.

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