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Blaise's Home page

Welcome to my page. This is where my parents plan to (hope to) post updates about
various milestones in my life. (That is until I am able to take over management of my
section of the web myself! But I need to learn to speak, read, and write first.)


A few words about me...

I was born on June 23, 2004 (7lbs., 9oz. -- 19"). If you'd like to read my birth story,
click here

My name is Blaise Eddy Skoletsky. My sister Freya was given the last name
"Morel-Seytoux" as the result of a coin toss, with the understanding that my parents'
second child would have the name "Skoletsky." Similarly, since I had Dad's last
name, my first and middle name are tied more to Mom.

My first name, Blaise (pronounced Blaze), is from Blaise Pascal, a famous French
mathematician and philosopher, and to honor Marie's French ancestry. My middle
name, Eddy, is from Marie's grandfather Henry Eddy Keyes and Ron's grandfather
Israel Edward (Eddie) Perry.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Famous Blaise's