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Wednesday, 31 Dec 03 (back to top)

Happy New Year (almost)! The holidays are almost over. I really enjoyed getting a different gift each night for Hanukkah, plus getting a few more gifts on Christmas. Mom & Dad got me a doll house with a few sets of furniture. They're excited because I play with it by myself a bit. I saw my cousins, Sage, Skye, Ellie, and Angelo on Christmas day. That was fun. My favorite song to sing has been "O Fistmas Fee, O Fistmas Fee..."

Wednesday, 17 Dec 03 (back to top)

I haven't learned the skill of discretion yet. Mom had Dad leave the family room so she could wrap holiday presents. Dad came down later and I immediately yelled "Daddy's shirt" and led him to one of his wrapped presents. Both Mom and Dad thought that was quite funny.

Monday, 15 Dec 03 (back to top)

Dad thought this was worth writing about... We went to a Holiday Festival in the next town over (Pinole) and saw the clown -- The Unique Derique. He took Dad's hat to from Dad's head and balanced it on his (Derique's nose). I was a bit distraught that he took Dad's hat. When he put it back on Dad's head, I took it from Dad and clutched it to my chest so no one could take it again! (Then we trudged through the mud and got the car dirty. <grin>)

Friday, 12 Dec 03 (back to top)

I pooped for the first time in the potty!!!! I did it at Mama Bear's (where I go a few mornings so Mom can teach). I then proceeded to smear it on my shirt. Dad read that children learn how to wipe themselves by the time they're 5 years old. He's not looking forward to more poop smeared on my clothes.

Thursday, 11 Dec 03 (back to top)

Dad thinks I've reached a new milestone in my artistic ability. When I color, I now try to color individual parts of drawings instead of just random splashes of color. See the pictures below for examples!

Monday, 8 Dec 03 (back to top)

I just learned a new trick this weekend. I can now say "I love you, Mommy" and "I love you, Daddy". For some reason when I say those words, Mom & Daddy get all strange. I think I may be able to use those words to my advantage somehow... I also made them happy by trying to kiss their ow-ies. Daddy's got sore arms (tendinitis) so I keep trying to kiss them.

Thursday, 1 Dec 03 (back to top)

I have two new phrases that I like to use a lot. The first one is "Move away!". As in "Move away Mommy!" or "Move away Cai!". ( I call cars "cai".) I have also started saying "No! No! No! No!". Plus I just started saying "I love you". Mom and Dad really like that one.

Thursday, 20 Nov 03 (back to top)

The Oakland Ballet came to the local YMCA last night. They performed short pieces from the Nutcracker ballet. Mom and Dad took me to see it. It was very exciting; I kept my eyes glued to the dancers. I really liked the cat and dog dancing, and the dance of the sugar plum fairy. I tried doing a little ballet dancing myself on Daddy's lap.

Tuesday, 11 Nov 03 (back to top)

I got my hair cut for the 2nd time yesterday. Mom brought the camera so we'll be posting pictures soon.

Monday, 3 Nov 03 (back to top)

Happy Halloween! I wore my bear costume for Halloween. Dad took me to 6 houses and I got to ring the bell and say Happy Halloween. My new phrase is "One more!" so I kept using it. I tasted many candy bars and was a ball of energy until sleep time. On Sunday we went to the Discovery Museum. They have a music exhibit (actually a noise exhibit). That was a blast putting the wooden balls into the noise "machine".

Monday, 27 Oct 03 (back to top)

My cousin Henry and Aunt Aimee came to visit for the weekend. Ellie & Angelo also came over on Saturday. It was tough having 3 others all playing with my toys. Mom had her hands full. (Dad went to the gym.) We went into San Francisco on Sunday for Ellie's birthday and visited the acquarium. I enjoyed touching the starfish.

Monday, 20 Oct 03 (back to top)

We went to Laguna Beach over the weekend for Mom's friend Susie's wedding. Dad and I went to the beach during the wedding and met up with Mom at the reception. Unfortunately as Dad was washing me in the bath before the rehearsal dinner, Friday night, I fell and split my chin open about 1/2 of an inch wide. The humorous part was Dad calling Mom, who was at the rehearsal, and leaving a message on her cell phone to come home early since I had hurt myself and both Dad and I were naked in the hotel room, trying to stop the bleeding. I'll probably have a good sized scar on my chin from this weekend. (bummer). But we all did have fun at the wedding reception, dancing, and running around. :-)

Wednesday, 15 Oct 03 (back to top)

Mom & Dad are a little sad. I've started saying "Yeah" instead of "Oh, I do" (meaning "Yes").

Monday, 13 Oct 03 (back to top)

I freaked out Mom & Dad last night by showing them that I can climb into my crib all by myself if the side of the crib is in its lower position. Once I climb up it, I lean over and do a face-plant into the mattress. Mom & Dad think I might break my neck doing that, or hurt myself if I try it from inside the crib.

Tuesday, 7 Oct 03 (back to top)

I'm all well now. My cough was nasty for a few days. Now that I'm not nursing, I've adopted my stuffed animal (Amber Beanie "buddy") as my security item. I've never had one before, but she's going practically everywhere with me now. I've also renamed her to be "Amos". (Mom and Dad had to put the real Amos down about 3 weeks ago because of his kidney failure. I miss him.)

Thursday, 2 Oct 03 (back to top)

Yup, it was Croup. I'm still not sleeping well. Not fun. Yesterday I said my first 4-word sentence "I want Freya nurse." Mom and Dad are finally weaning me from my morning nursing. They started on Saturday so it's been 6 mornings now. Also not fun.

Yesterday I surprised Mom & Dad by climbing up the changing table to get to the top. <grin>

Monday, 29 Sep 03 (back to top)

I went to the Oakland Zoo with Dad on Saturday. It was a special morning for zoo members. I got to put apples out on the elephant grounds and then watch them come out and eat them. Dad and I watched the Carousel for about 30 minutes but I didn't want to go on.

Last night I was up for most of the night. Mom and Dad think I have croup. It wasn't fun.

Friday, 26 Sep 03 (back to top)

I've been playing with my stuffed animals and the potty lately, having my dog sit for a while before I wipe his bottom and flush the toilet. Last night I sat on the potty and farted in it -- a milestone that Dad was quite proud of.

Monday, 22 Sep 03 (back to top)

We went to the Hercules Pool yesterday. It was super hot. Since taking that swim class I've hated going in the pool beyond my ankles. But yesterday I saw a little boy jumping off the edge into his father's arms. I wanted to do it, so I jumped in and Dad caught me. Then I ran around chasing after other little girls. It was fun. Maybe water isn't so bad.

Friday, 12 Sep 03 (back to top)

Dad thinks it's cute that a lot of my words that start with "w" or "th" come out of my mouth with the "f" sound. Truck and "working" are some of his favorites. I'm getting better coloring. I now understand that when you color, especially in a coloring book, that you can try to color individual objects versus just trying to color the whole page. And I'm getting better trying to color small objects. Can't stay in the lines yet though.

Thursday, 11 Sep 03 (back to top)

Yesterday was my 2nd birthday. I celebrated by bringing muffins to the park to share with all my friend's from Mom's Moms group. I got a few more gifts including a stylish tiny backpack from my Aunt Aimee, Uncle Phil and family. Mom also took me for my first haircut. Unfortunately she didn't take any photos of the event.

Monday, 8 Sep 03 (back to top)

We celebrated my birthday on Saturday with my cousins Ellie and Angelo ("Ojo"), their parents, Aunt Claire & Uncle Agustin, and Grandma Chula and Grandpa Bear. We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum where I got to do some painting and tried building a bridge with scaps of cardboard and popsicle sticks. I really liked the display they had of snow and the water play area. Yesterday Mom & Dad hung a swing in the backyard. It doesn't go very high since it's somewhat in a confined area under the willow tree.

Friday, 5 Sep 03 (back to top)

I've had two recent milestones. I said my first three word sentence the other day - " I want cookie." Plus I started jumping off the single step near our front door and actually landing on my feet! It was quite exciting.

Wednesday, 3 Sep 03 (back to top)

My birthday's coming up! Mom got the great idea to build an area of the house up so that I can paint without worrying about trashing the place. Mom & Dad decided to wrap the outside gazebo up with plastic sheeting and to nail up some boards to use as a painting surface. We bought some corkboard last night and will be putting the finishing touches on it soon. I know they'll be excited to be able to let me paint without having to be super worried about getting the carpets and couches painted. :-)

Tuesday, 26 Aug 03 (back to top)

A lot has happened since my last posting. Although I haven't officially entered my 2's, Dad thinks he knows what the "terrible two's" are all about. During our vacation to Fallen Leaf Lake this month I started flexing my independence "muscles". I've been using the word "move" quite a bit. At the cabin, I really enjoyed opening & closing the sliding glass doors of the 2nd cabin and then moving Mom & Dad into the cabin so I could roam around. (They kept following me though.) I also got the chance to play around in the car and broke the CD player of the rental car Mom & Dad had (ask Mom about the emergency brake on the Taurus). Have I written that I *really* like playing with keys? Mom & Dad are thinking of getting me my own set. :-)

Fallen Leaf Lake was fun. You can see pictures online. I rode on a horse for the first time, rode on a bicycle, and on a motor boat. I scared the squirrels most of the time, but did enjoy feeding them.

We got back from Jeff Ku's wedding yesterday. It was a fun trip. At the wedding, Mom and I had to walk around because when I saw Dad at the altar, I wanted to go to him. (I was the crying child.) But I did have fun at the beach and the 3 parks we went to over the long weekend.

My new word: "Mees" means music. And I can now say "Yellow" instead of "yeyyow".

Wednesday, 30 July 03 (back to top)

I told Mom yesterday that I had a poo in my pants. Now that I can start identifying when I need to poo (and soon pee, hopefully), that'll be the first step towards toilet training! (I already like to look at the yeyyow pee in the potty.)

Tuesday, 29 July 03 (back to top)

I'm starting to repeat some of Mom & Dad's words easier and more readily. Dad's trying to get me to say "Yes", but instead I've converted my "Doh" to be "Oh". It took them a while to catch on as to what I was saying.

Thursday, 23 July 03 (back to top)

Milestone Alert: Yesterday I said my name for the first time. It sounded like "Feya". Mom & Dad were overjoyed. They thought I'd have to go by "Baby" like the girl from Dirty Dancing.

Tuesday, 21 July 03 (AIDS Walk Update) (back to top)

Dad suggested that I tell you all about the AIDS Walk, so here's my point of view... I've been starting to sleep a bit later these days, so we got up shortly after 6am. Mom made oatmeal and bagels so we'd have lots of energy for the Walk. [Sidenote: When Mom was 5 months pregnant with me, she and Dad went to Mexico where the hotel made the best oatmeal - according to Dad. It was liquidy, but with chunks of something, plus crunchy/chewy oats. It's taken Mom a while but she's figured out the right mixture of oats, Malt-o-meal, and a secret way of cooking it, that comes very close to the Zihuatenejo oatmeal Dad loves.]

We were planning to leave for the AIDS Walk at 8am, but you know how things go when you've got a little one. We were on the road by 8:30. We borrowed a jogging stroller from a friend and Mom dropped Dad and me off by Golden Gate Park while she drove around to find legal parking. I really hate being in strollers these days, but since the jogging stroller was very different from my own, I let Dad push me in it for a while. It was hard staying in the stroller when we got to the AIDS Walk sign-in area since they were playing music really loud and I love to dance.

Dad and I turned in our pledge sheets while I struggled to figure out how to unbuckle my harness. Dad was glad that I'm not as good as Houdini yet. After turning in our sheets, we went to pick up our AIDS Walk t-shirts and see if our friends Joel and/or Julie & Kurt were working there. Joel was there, but as usual, he was running around helping everyone get the right size shirt and resolving issues that came up. We said a quick hi and then Dad took me to the playground nearby so I could let off some steam before we found Mom.

Since Mom is a Star Walker (raised over $1000), she signs in at the Star Walker tent at the top of the hill. When she phoned to say that she had checked in, Dad and I crossed the throng of people and snuck into the Star Walker area. That's why if you look at all of our pictures, you'll notice not that many people around us on the hill, versus the tons of people in front of the stage area.

As we crossed over to the hill, we passed by the tables where Krispy Kreme was handing out donuts. Dad got one for himself and one for me. (YUM!) For some reason, he ate most of mine too!!!

To keep a long story short, we met up with Marie's friend Doug and started the Walk. Doug found a Pirates of the Carribean temporary tattoo and Mom & Dad applied it to my leg. I liked it for a little while but wanted it off shortly after. Too bad they didn't have rubbing alcohol! I had to wait until we got home.

Not too long after the Walk started, I was ready to get out of the stroller. Since Mom & Dad forgot my baby backpack, they new they were in trouble. We ended up turning around and crossing the finish line about 45 minutes after starting. We still got our completion stickers, and I had actually fallen asleep by the time we crossed the line. Dad was bummed that he didn't get to walk off all of the donuts he ate. Mom's hoping that next year I'll be more willing to sit still or walk for the Walk.

This year we collected $1885. The AIDS Walk itself raised over $3 million. Someday, perhaps we won't have to do AIDS Walks if we can figure out how to eradicate this horrible disease. To those of you who pledged us. Thank you very much!!!! -------- If you'd like to see some photos from this year's AIDS Walk, please see our Photo page.

Monday, 21 July 03 (back to top)

I can almost count to 20. It's pretty cool. I only know some numbers in the 11-20 range though. Mom & Dad bought me an easel/chaulkboard from a yard sale this weekend. It's fun to be able to color and draw like an artist. We also went to the AIDS walk yesterday. Dad will post some pictures soon. I liked being able to run around on the hill before the walk started but I did not like being in my stroller!

Wednesday, 16 July 03 (back to top)

Did you know that Mom and Dad do not have tails? We were singing Three Blind Mice last night when I realized they don't have tails!!! I looked real hard too. I wonder if they were cut off by the Farmer's wife too?

Monday, 14 July 03 (back to top)

My friend Nicholas came over yesterday. We both played with our parents' cell phones. And we're just starting to get the hang of throwing a ball back and forth. Mom and Dad bought me a swing to hang from the tree in the back yard. I just hope they figure out how to put it up before the winter! I can now say "all done" and "sit down". And I can almost count to ten "Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Nine".

Tuesday, July 8 (back to top)

Mom and Dad got me a great new toy. Actually they built it out of boxes. Using some old boxes they built me a small "house" with windows and a curtain door. It's really fun having my own place.

Did I tell you yet that I can do somersaults? I taught myself.

Thursday, June 26 (back to top)

We've stopped going to swim lessons. I now hate the "deep" end of the pool. (I know it's only 2 feet high.) But that instructor kept having the parents dunk us kids. What are they, sadists? Mom and Dad are going to let me get used to the water on my own schedule.

Mom & Dad realize that I am a complete sponge. I learn by observing and then imitating. I found a syringe (non-needle) that Mom uses to put Amos' medicine on his food. I like to jam it into Amos' neck the same way that Dad uses the insulin needles to give Squinky her medicine. I also, on my own, grabbed Mom's credit card and tried to swipe it on the credit card machine at the grocery store. I'm also trying to learn to sign Mom's name on her checks. <grin>

Tuesday, June 17 (back to top)

Dad and I just started a 2-week parent/infant/toddler swim class at the Hercules pool. I didn't quite enjoy last night's first class. Dad kept blowing in my face and then dunking me in the water. I have to go back tonight. If he does it to me again, I'm going to dunk him! I'm also becoming a very good singer. I've started to sing along with all of my favorite car CDs. I can't quite say the words, but I can get some sounds right! Mom and Dad seem to enjoy my singing.

Sunday, June 8 (back to top)

Mom's friend Dave from Colorado is visiting. I got him to wear one of my "Carol Burnette" caps, dance around and do Ring-around-the-rosie. And Mom's got some of it on video tape! <grin>

Friday, June 6 (back to top)

Mom & Dad finally realized that I know how to say both no and yes. Actually I say "no" for no, and "do" for yes. They're not very perceptive, eh?

Monday, June 2 (back to top)

We went to a hotel in Santa Clara over the weekend. Mom & Dad went to a friend's wedding. Grandma Chula babysat for me. We had lots of fun. Mom and Dad took me to the pool after breakfast. I'm really enjoying water. I'm also slowly learning to sing some songs. I'm getting the tunes down to Baa Baa Black Sheep and a few others. But I only know a few words of them.

Tuesday, May 27 (back to top)

I did my first somersault this past weekend. I really like doing one on Mom or Dad's laps, sticking my head in their lap when they sit cross-legged and then pushing myself over. It's my new fun thing to do.

I can also say the word "help" now... well, actually, I say "Mama". That means help to me. Daddy thinks it's funny when I need his help, I just say "Mama"!

Wednesday, May 21 (back to top)

I had my first corn on the cob last night. I didn't get much corn off, but it was really fun to try! Did I mention that I can now say "cat"? (Actually I say "dat"!).

Wednesday, May 14 (back to top)

Mom and Dad bought me an Elmo video tape this weekend. (It was on sale and I *love* Elmo.) Having the tape helped me to learn a new word "Elmo"! To let Mom & Dad know that I want to watch it, I start moving my upper body like I'm grooving to Elmo songs and say "Elmo!". They won't let me watch it as often as I'd like though. I'm also now working on saying the letter "C". It's tough. I want to say it "thhheeee".

Monday, May 5 (back to top)

I've now started calling Dada "Daddy" sometimes. He's pretty excited. Mom & Dad think I said my first sentence on Saturday. I said "Dada down" when he was on the stairs and I wanted him to go down. We went to an Earth Day festival last weekend. The local paper took my photo while I was coloring on the ground with chaulk. Unfortunately it didn't make it into the paper. Maybe next year. My new favorite book is "I love you Stinky Face".

Sunday, Apr 27 (back to top)

One of my favorite books is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?". Since learning my colors the book has taken on a whole new meaning. Instead of being a book about animals, it's also a book about colors! It's like reading a completely new book!

Today Daddy took me to a garage sale. He bought me a tiny wagon for pulling my stuff around. I'm pretty excited to try it out after my nap!

Monday, Apr 14 (back to top)

Amber's still one of my favorite toys. I'm starting to get into cars so Dad bought me some plastic cars that go inside each other (from small to large). It's like playing peek-a-boo with them.

I haven't written anything lately because I've been working on a new milestone. Although I can't say them very well, I know the following colors: yellow, purple, black, brown, pink, orange, and green. I'm having a little bit of difficulty with red and blue, but Mom and Dad are very proud of me nonetheless. I've filled up 5 books coloring to date. That's probably helped. Mom and Dad can't draw too well, but my babysitter, Jennie's real good.

Monday, Mar 31 (back to top)

We went to the park this weekend and the Oakland Zoo. Dad bought me a kitty cat stuffed animal at a garage sale in the morning and I took her (Amber) with us to both places. Amber likes going dow the slide.

Milestone: I can now do the more complicated 18month+ wood puzzles. And I'm getting faster!

Thursday, Mar 27 (back to top)

I took little Elmo into the bath with me last night. I got a kick out of the fact that when you dunked Elmo and then lifted him out of the water, the water drained out of his feet back into the bath. It was pretty funny watching water pour out of his feet! Dad didn't let me take Elmo back downstairs after that. He squeezed Elmo very hard (I tried too!), and said something about a "dryer".

Wednesday, Mar 26 (back to top)

Mom and Dad got me an Elmo doll at a yard sale a few weeks back. I now have 2 of them. Now that I'm using a booster seat, I really like putting Elmo (either one) in my old high chair and pretend to feed them. I think the little Elmo might be becoming my favorite toy.

Monday, Mar 24 (back to top)

Mom and Dad bought me a new booster seat yesterday. (I'm not very happy sitting in the high chair anymore.) The booster seat is ok, but they won't let me play with it on the floor as a toy. I do enjoy putting my stuffed animals in it.

I now am getting really good at saying "uh oh". And I like to yell to the cats to get "Dow(n)" when they're on the kitchen counter. I use "Dow" quite a bit in my speech.

Monday, Mar 17 (back to top)

I went to my first protest last night. Actually it was a candle-light vigil. We went to "Howard's" home, played with his dog, and then walked to the park with our candles for peace. I got to hold a flashing green keychain. Mom burned her hair on the candle (just a little). Not sure if this will help bring peace in the Milddle East, but it's a try!

I can now draw circles (well, circle-like shapes).

Tuesday, Mar 11 (back to top)

Happy Birthday, Mommy! I had Dad buy Mom a teddy bear that has "I love you" on its belly. (I hope she lets me play with it!) Yesterday I ate dirt. It was a new experience. I may try bugs soon.

Sunday, Mar 9 (back to top)

I've reached a new milestone. Not only can I climb up on the two couches by myself, I can also climb up on the dining room chairs myself. I can also remove the high chair tray while sitting in the high chair. I think Mom & Dad are going to get me a booster seat soon!

Thursday, Mar 6 (back to top)

Mom & Dad took me to visit a Montessouri school yesterday. They're thinking of having me attend sometime in the summer or fall 2-3 mornings a week. I liked the fact that they have a large frog stuffed animal that says the alphabet. They've got lots of toys there too!

I've also started wiping my face with my bib. I'm experimenting with "clean". Not sure if I prefer "dirty" or not.

Monday, Mar 3(back to top)

Yesterday we went to the mall to get dad's classes un-bent. How was I to know that they weren't a toy? At the mall I tried to tell some children that I wanted to play with them. I made clicking sounds with my tongue and snapped my fingers, as I do when I am calling the cats. The children didn't come either.

Sunday, Mar 2 (back to top)

I've been able to climb up on the family room couch for a few days now. I push my small table next to the end table and then climb up. I can then scoot over to the sofa. Today I was able to pull myself up on the living room couch. Let the games begin!

I also helped Mom & Dad pull up weeds today. Actually, they pulled up weeds. I pulled up dirt. It was lots of fun. Yesterday we saw (and heard) our first coyotes in the back yard. They were way up the hill and sounded like dogs in pain. It was cool!

Friday, Feb 28 (back to top)

Mom & Dad seem to be able to get the kittys to come when they make clicking sounds and snap their fingers. I can do the clicking sounds, but when I hold out my hand and rub my fingers together, they don't make any sounds. And the cats don't come. Gotta work on that a bit!

Friday, Feb 21 (back to top)

Here's something else that's fun. If you suck in a lot of liquid from a sippy cup, you can open your mouth and have it dribble down your neck. For some reason, after doing this a while, your shirt gets wet. I haven't figured out what's causing that yet.

Thursday, Feb 20 (back to top)

You know... licking droplets of spilled water off the floor doesn't quite quench thirst. And eating dropped food off the floor is much more enjoyable than eating it fresh off a dinner plate.

Friday, Feb 14 (back to top)

Happy Valentine's Day! I made a Valentine's Day card for Dad. Mom helped. It's now on the fridge. (BTW, how come the parents won't let me play in the refridgerator?)

Yesterday, Dad's coworker, Carole, gave me a pillow that she made, just for me! It's got different colors and a section with cute frogs on it! Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Can't really stand on it very well. But it does work for sitting on.

I've got a few new words: Go and Two. Actually they sound very much the same. If you say "Ready, Set...", I can say "Go!". And if you soay "one", I say "two". I can also now put together my first puzzle. Aunt Claire & Uncle Agustin got me a puzzle with a cat, dog, and fish. It's taken me several months, but I finally figured out how to do it. (It *does* have 3 pieces.)

And I can say "I love you" (sortof). I'm working on it. Bye!

Monday, Feb 3 (back to top)

We had a great weekend. I went to visit Grandma Chula & Grandpa Bear on Saturday and then went to Jonah & Rachael's house warming. They had lots of goodies out on a table I could reach. I'm also learning how to tell Mom & Dad when I have a poo in my diaper. They think it's cute when I say "diaber" and then lie on the floor so they can change me.

Friday, Jan 31 (back to top)

Another milestone: I ate my first poo... cat poo. YUCK! Yup, Amos has decided that he likes to poo under my crib every once in a while. It doesn't taste good. Maybe instead of crying I should have used my new word "Uh oh!".

Tuesday, Jan 28 (back to top)

At Babies R Us, they took some photos of me. Dad upoaded one of the pics from the photo shoot.

Monday, Jan 27 (back to top)

Had agood time this weekend. Mom and Dad took me to Babies R Us so we could advise some pregnant friends as to what things they might want to consider to put on their baby registry. I enjoyed learning how to pull things off display racks. We had lunch at Taxi's burgers after. I *love* french fries!

On Sunday we went to OfficeMax to buy some supplies for Freya Fitness. Mom & Dad are getting a booth at a Baby Expo in a few weeks. I learned how to pull the price tags off the shelves. I've got a collection of clear plastic tags. Anyone need a few?

Mom & Dad think I'm at the verge of a breakthrough. I can now say "T-T-T" and "K-K-K". And I can kind-of say "bagel" and can try to copy them on many words. They think I'll start speaking fluently soon. Who knows?

Friday, Jan 24 (back to top)

Got a pretty nasty diaper rash. We're starting to think that it might be the new diapers we switched to several weeks back. We'll see.

I'm now able to say "Meow" (somewhat). And I can do the "spider" baby sign. I like to do it to the Itsy Bitsy Spider song.

Tuesday, Jan 21 (back to top)

Having a 3-day weekend was great! After waking up each morning I got to send time with both Mama and Dada in their bed. They're reading the Clan of the Cave Bear book series together. I got to listen while Dada read to Mama and me.

I was jumping with Mama the other days. She's pretty certain that I "got air" by myself. I should be jumping all by myself any day now.

My 10th tooth (lower right molar) is coming in. It's awfully painful. I can't wait until all of my teeth are in. (But I don't like brushing them!)

Thursday, Jan 16 (back to top)

Grandma Chula and Grandpa Bear came over yesterday afternoon to play. They brought me a doll from Holland and a nursery rhyme book. We went for a walk. It was a great day! (I didn't nap one bit!) But I slept really good last night.

Monday, Jan 13 (back to top)

I'm over my flu, but have a cold. Mamadada (the one with breasts) went to a friend's baby shower yesterday. Mamadada (the one with the beard) took me to a book store. They have a giant frog there! I love frogs. But my favorite thing recently is mice. My cats have a bunch of toy mice -- they're mine now. I love to swing them by their tails. I try to do that with the cats, but they run away.

Sunday, 5 Jan 03 (back to top)

Slept most of the day. Didn't eat or drink much beside breast milk. But I did eat some dinner. I hope I'm better tomorrow!!!

Saturday, 4 Jan 03 (back to top)

We all thought I was doing better, but that was an optimistic thought. To make a long story short, I went back to the hospital and got more IV fluids. I didn't get admitted, but I am feeling better. Not much tho.

Friday, 3 Jan 03 (back to top)

What a horrible night! By Thursday afternoon I was feeling worse so Mom & Dad took me to my Doctor -- the most FANTASTIC pediatrician in the worl -- Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman, Rainbow Pediatrics, Pinole, CA. Dr. Wolffe suggested that since I was fairly dehydrated that I go to Children's Hospital in Oakland for some I.V. fluids. They ended up admitting me and keeping me overnight. Not a fun thing for a 15 month old!

I was doing better by early evening today, so I got to come home around 10pm. However things started to go downhill by the morning.

Thursday 2 Jan 03 (back to top)

I celebrated the new year as many Americans around the nation did - sleeping in my own vomit. Around 7pm on New Year's Eve I started vomiting. It's been 36 hours and I'm doing much better. We think it was a stomach virus.

At least now I can be considered in the same company as other famous rock stars who have also slept in their own vomit!

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