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Freya Shai's Home page

Welcome to my page. This is where my parents plan to (hope to) post updates about various milestones in my life. (That is until I am able to take over management of my section of the web myself! But I need to learn to speak, read, and write first.)


A few words about me...

I was born on September 10, 2001. If you'd like to read my birth story, click here!

My name is Freya Shai Morel-Seytoux. My first name rhymes with "Hey uh" and my middle name rhymes with "Fly". My parents flipped a coin to see which last name I would get -- Morel-Seytoux (my Mom's) came up. So they decided to name my first 2 names after Dad's family.

Mom and Dad wanted to name me after Dad's grandfather, Frank Skoletsky. He was a strong man with a gentle heart. My dad remembers feeding the ducks with him when Dad was young. And my great grandpa Frank would always show his affection with many kisses to all his grandchildren. My name Freya, comes from Norse mythology. Freya was the goddess of love, fertility and beauty. (Mom and Dad found the name in a Baby Name book.)

My middle name, Shai, is a Hebrew word meaning "gift." My middle name is in rememberance of my great-uncle Sam (Frank Skoletsky's brother). Sam was a very eccentric man, who never married, but enjoyed life, riding a motorcycle until late in life. Although my Dad never met Sam, they wrote letters back and forth and talked on the phone.

Gotta go! Time to poo.

Love, Freya.