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Monday, 24 Oct 05 (back to top)

Mom took me to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. You take a train to the patch. We stayed there all day and I slept on the ride home. Mom & Dad carried me to my bed at 5pm and I slept until midnight. I was then up almost every hour on the hour until morning.

Tuesday, 18 Oct 05 (back to top)

I've figured out that at preschool I don't really have to nap. So I've given it up. Mom and Dad don't know what to do because by dinner time I start getting a little bit out of control.

Monday, 10 Oct 05 (back to top)

I made up a new song & dance yesterday morning -- "I love my butt!" Dad got part of it on videotape.

Monday, 3 Oct 05 (back to top)

Mom & Dad went to Portland on Wednesday night to look for houses. Grandma Chula & Grandpa Bear came over to stay with Blaise and me. We had lots of fun. They made a pinata out of a balloon and paper mache. On Sunday we cleaned the house because we're selling it. Then we had dinner at Dylan's house. Dad almost choked on a big piece of meat. Shows him right for eating a piece of cow.

Monday, 26 Sep 05 (back to top)

We went to 2 birthday parties this weekend -- Kaitlyn from school, and Noah from playgroup. Yumm! Mom and Dad told me yesterday morning that we were going to move to Portland, Oregon. I didn't really have much comment. We'll see how it sinks in.

Monday, 19 Sep 05 (back to top)

The prior weekend, Dad and I went to Home Depot and built a bird feeder. This past Saturday we painted it while Blaise slept. Yesterday we went to Kylie (Dylan's sister)'s 1st birthday. My new friend Quincy and I had fun using Dylan's tools to "fix" Dad.

Monday, 12 Sep 05 (back to top)

This past weekend was great! I was really excited to see the house decorated when I woke up on Saturday morning (my birthday). We went to my friend Isabella's birthday party on Saturday. Sleeping beauty was there and did some magic tricks, told the story, did face painting, and made us balloon animals. I was fascinated. I also really liked driving Isabella's pink car. I chased Darrian all over the street. (He was in a different car.) My birthday party was yesterday. We invited everyone from my new school plus a lot of my friends from my previous school and from playgroup. We had about 32 children and about 30 parents come. Mom and Dad were worried that we would not have enough food (10 huge pizzas), but we did. Dad had fun running the games (Simon says, red light, greenlight, duck duck goose, etc.). After my friends went home I got to open my presents. That was fun too. I got some toys, crafts, dolls, and dress-up outfits. I'll be busy for ever. Thank you friends!

Friday, 9 Sep 05 (back to top)

Last night Dad thought he would be extra nice and give me one of my birthday presents early. He had bought me a CD of classical/romance guitar. When I saw it I got very upset. I had expect a princess toy. Dad wasn't very happy that I really didn't want the present.

Tuesday, 6 Sep 05 (back to top)

Yesterday I played at Nicholas' house. At dinner, I yelled over to Mom, "Let's trick Dad." I had a big smile on my face when I turned to Dad and said, "I took a nap at Nicholas' house, Dada." I was hoping he would say, Great! You can have ice cream." but he didn't.

Wednesday, 31 Aug 05 (back to top)

On Tuesday I spent the morning in the "big kids" class at my preschool. The teacher thinks I'm ready for that class. Today I officially start in that class. Last night I kept telling mom that I was able to not talk while waiting in line. I'm very proud of myself.

Monday, 29 Aug 05 (back to top)

At the Discovery Museum over the weekend, Dad and I played Peter Pan on the boat there.

Friday, 26 Aug 05 (back to top)

Grandma Risa sent us a bunch of Disney sing-a-long videos. I've been really enjoying the songs from the various princess videos. Dad and I like to sing the "Beautiful Briny Sea" song from Bedknobs & Broomstics... "Bobbing along... bobbing along, on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea.."

Monday, 22 Aug 05 (back to top)

Over the weekend I had a make-up swim class. I've just started blowing bubbles in the water with my face in the pool. Dad's really proud of me. After class we went to 2 yard sales and bought a whole bunch of small princesses. I've just discovered Peter Pan and really like "princess" Wendy. This past week I've been doing a lot of cutting of pictures of princesses and gluing glitter to them. Dad wants to save all of the pictures of princesses I've cut out and give them to me when I get older.

Wednesday, 17 Aug 05 (back to top)

My friend Meghan came over yesterday. We were running around and having fun and then we ran into each other. Meghan was running clockwise through the house and I was running counter-clockwise -- and we "clocked" each other coming around the kitchen wall. We bumped foreheads and went flying backward. It would have been funny except that it hurt a lot!

I forgot to mention that Mom and I made a brownie/icecream cake for Dad's birthday. I bought him some chocolate and Mom got him a green t-shirt. Dad really enjoys ice cream cake.

Monday, 8 Aug 05 (back to top)

We all went to the Hercules Pool on Saturday afternoon. I practiced jumping off the edge into Dad's arms. It was fun. On Sunday we took Spamby to Grandma Chula's and Grandpa Bear's house. I hope she's happy and safe there!

Friday, 5 Aug 05 (back to top)

Mom & Dad saw a raccoon climb into Spamby's enclosure yesterday evening. Luckily Spamby wasn't in there at the time. They chased away the raccoon and had Spamby spend the night in the garage. We're hoping to take her to Grandma Chula's and Grandpa Bear's house this weekend. I finished my first week at Patty's Pinole Montessouri School. Teacher Alisha told mom that I've been enjoying using the counting "work" and sorting toys. I can almost count to twenty. I keep forgetting about "thirteen" though.

Monday, 1 Aug 05 (back to top)

Squinky died yesterday. She was attacked by a raccoon early Sunday morning and by Sunday night Mom and Dad decided to have her euthanized. I'm sad about Squinky, but I am happy that Tori and Spamby are still alive.

Dad''s birthday is coming up. He told me that he wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday. But I told Mom that he wants a dress.

Friday, 29 July 05 (back to top)

Today is my last day at Mama Bear's Playcare. I'll miss Carol and all my friends very much. I'm excited to start at Patty's Pinole Montessouri school, but I'm not sure what to expect.

Tuesday, 26 July 05 (back to top)

Last week we all went to Fallen Leaf Lake. We stayed at Grandma Chula & Grandpa Bear's cabin. I had fun exploring, hiking to Lily Lake, making 2 new dresses with Mom and Grandma Chula, watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, going on a boat ride and horse ride. It was lots of fun!

Wednesday, 13 July 05 (back to top)

Mama Bear's Playcare is closed this week, so Mom and I are doing activities. I'm taking a swim class every day, and yesterday, Mom and I bought some fabric and started making a dress. I've got some hearts and flowers to add to it. I'm very excited.

Monday, 11 July 05 (back to top)

When Mom or Dad make me mad I now tell them, "I'm not going to be your child anymore!" That doesn't seem to phase them. I can't figure out why.

Milestone: I am now offiically entering my "Why" phase. It now takes about 2-3 times as long to read a book as it used to. Every page must get at least one "why" from me.

Wednesday, 6 July 05 (back to top)

Today I tried to teach Blaise how to open & close his drawers without him pinching his fingers. I told Mom & Dad that I will also teach him how to shine his shoes and said that I will buy him some earrings when he gets bigger.

Tuesday, 5 July 05 (back to top)

We had a fun long weekend. Saturday morning I went to Kids Club while dad went to the gym. Then we got a smoothie before leaving the mall. After lunch I went to the local pool with mom and played with my friend Nicholas. On Sunday, after Blaise's nap we went to the Oakland Zoo. We had a fun picnic near the children's area and then I got a picture of a bat painted on my hand. Dad got a picture of a bat painted on his face. I went on one ride on the carousel before we went home. On Monday Blaise, Dad and I went to the local Fourth of July parade. We sat with my friend Meghan and her family. I was anxious until the people who started throwing candy came. Mom met up with us at the park and then we had another picnic and walked around. I spent a lot of the weekend also cutting out pictures from my Cinderella coloring book and playing with my new paper dolls. I'm having a blast cutting and pasting dresses onto these dolls. I'd started getting a little bored cutting paper so mom gave me one of dad's old shirts that I could cut.

One more thing, Mom and Dad built an enclosure for our cats. They completed it yesterday and put Squinky and Spamby in it with a new cat house. Hopefully my allergies will abate a little bit.

Monday, 27 June 05 (back to top)

I still have my infatuation with Cinderella. I had mom and/or dad act out the Cinderella story with me over the weekend at least five times. I am expanding it to include the wedding and a party. I do have a little bit of a cold and stayed in my pajamas yesterday. Another new thing I like to do is wear Mom's white neglilgees and slips as dresses.

We went to the Home Depot yesterday to get some woodto build a gate for a new cat enclosure we are building in the back yard. Blaise and I sat in a shopping cart that was sort of shaped like a race car. It was fun.

Friday, 24 June 05 (back to top)

Blaise had his 1st birthday yesterday. He pretty much napped through all of his birthday present openings. Ellie, Angelo, and I helped open them. We all helped blow out the candle of his carrot cake too.

Monday, 20 June 05 (back to top)

I went with mom to see Ellie and Angelo on Saturday. On Sunday, Dad and I went to the gym and Kids Club at the mall and then got smoothies. We all went to the Discovery Museum afterwards. I liked playing with the fish in the water and with a spider costume.

Thursday, 15 June 05 (back to top)

This morning I asked Dad if I could eat "snow flakes" for breakfast. It took a while, but then he realized I meant "corn flakes."

Monday, 13 June 05 (back to top)

Dad and I went to a yard sale on Saturday. I got some tinker toys and the woman gave me a small porcelain doll. At night I tried to break the doll, and when Mom said that I couldn't get another one if I broke this one, I got quite upset. I had decided that I wanted a different doll. But by Sunday morning I was ok with her.

Friday, 10 June 05 (back to top)

This morning I said to Mom, "We can eat in the dining room and the living room because we have a buzzing stroller to help clean up." Mom thought it was cute that I said buzzing stroller instead of vacuum cleaner. For my upcoming birthday I would like a doctor kit, a manicure kits, a trampoline, and a bride and groom pair of dolls (possibly Barbie dolls).

Wednesday, 8 June 05 (back to top)

Dad bought me a jewelry music box over the weekend from an estate sale. It plays "Romance D'Amour", a Spanish melody. I really like dancing to it. Unfortunately, when Mom was winding it up the other day, the key broke. Dad is hoping to be able to fix it soon. Mom let me borrow her snow globe music box. Dad gave it to her on their first wedding anniversary. It has a bride and a groom kissing. I told Mom that when I get my own house she can stay with me and we can share the snow globe then.

Dad hurt his back last night. He was bending down to wipe my bottom after I went potty and when he stood up, he had hurt it. I helped him by washing his hands individually and then I distracted Blaise so he could hobble past the gate (that blocks Blaise from the bathroom). He was very glad that I was there to help.

Thursday, 2 June 05 (back to top)

My new thing is that I love the Cinderella story. I ask Mom & Dad to act out a story with them every day, at least 10 times a day. My feet and legs are not growing exactly right, so Ihas to wear orthotics in my shoes. I really want to wear "glass slippers" like Cinderella, but I need to use more supportive shoes or sneakers. I end up borrowing my friend's shoes whenever I can. And whenever Mom & Dad read me books, I point out the shoes that I like.

Tuesday, 31 May 05 (back to top)

We had fun this past weekend. On Saturday, Dad, Blaise and I went to Scandia play area. Dad played with Blaise in the ball pit while I climbed around yelling "Dada" every 5 seconds. After lunch we played some arcade games and then went home. Later we went over my friend Dylan's home and we played with his toys. On Sunday, the family went to a carnival in Hercules. Dad and I went on all the rides (that I could go on). Then I won a few animals in a duck/pool game.

Wednesday, 25 May 05 (back to top)

I got the results from a blood test that I had taken about a week or so ago. The doctor found out that I am allergic to cats and to certain grasses (especially Kentucky Bluegrass). I also have some slight allergies to wheat and corn and soy. Mom and dad are trying to figure out what we have to do with our cats, Squinky, Spamby and Tori. These allergies are probably what's making me rub my eyes so much and get so many eye infections and bloody noses. I don't think I would like to give up the cats though.

Monday, 23 May 05 (back to top)

I had a lot of fun in Phoenix. Grandma Chula and Grandpa Bear came with us. It's good to be home now. Dad and I went to my friend Jacob's birthday party yesterday and I got to eat tons and tons of sweets.

Monday, 16 May 05 (back to top)

Mom and I went to see the play "Sleeping Beauty" at Pinole Valley High School. The "prince" asked the audience what he should do with the sleeping beauty. I yelled out "Kiss She!" but he didn't understand me. Mom prompted me to yell out "Kiss Her" which I did, and then he did. I also told my "panther no pants I'm going swimming" at the Kids Creek Festival on Saturday.

Thursday, 12 May 05 (back to top)

I started asking Mom and Dad about death. I asked Dad if he or Mom will die. He explained that yes, it's natural, but they won't die for a long time. My black Molly fish (named Cinderella) died a few days ago. Mom and I buried her yesterday in the back yard. I asked Mom if we are "made real" after we die and she explained that some people believe that we go to heaven after we die.

Wednesday, 11 May 05 (back to top)

New milestone -- I had a bad dream last night and got out of bed to find Mom and Dad and tell them. They were downstairs and a bit surprised that I came down all by myself.

Monday, 2 May 05 (back to top)

On Saturday, our town (Hercules) had its annual citywide yard sale. Dad and I went to about 15 yard sales. We spent just under eight dollars and got some puzzles, some egg decorating kits, books, a doll, and my favorite toy -- a small care bear house. We then went to an international children's fair at the New School in Berkeley. I saw a neat Indian dancer, got to jump and a jumper, and got a magic wand made out of balloons. We went to Caezuela's Grill for dinner and saw the clown Buki, who painted some flowers on my hand and made me a really nice butterfly balloon animal. On Sunday I got to play with my friends Isabella and Wiona at the park. We had a lot of fun playing doctor and wearing our princess dresses.

Friday, 29 Apr 05 (back to top)

I've realized that as long as Mom and Dad don't see me doing something, I can get away with it. Unfortunately, when I want to do something when Mom and Dad are around, I ask them to "Don't look over here." They don't seem to follow my directions.

Monday, 25 Apr 05 (back to top)

We went to Kelly Moyers' wedding this weekend in Yuba City, CA. I've started saying the pronoun "him", but not "her" yet. Mom and Dad were excited by this development. We stayed in a hotel and played in the pool and hot tub. Actually, I only dipped into the pool quickly because it was so cold!!

At the wedding I told Kelly that she looked like a princess. My favorite part was that they had a fountain that dripped chocolate! Mom let me dip in several marshmallows and eat them in the car. My face and teeth were covered in chocolate. Dad bought me a Funshine Care Bear because I was sick (coughing) and threw up on Mom twice. That bear seems to be my favorite right now.

Monday, 18 Apr 05 (back to top)

We all went to the zoo yesterday. I rode on the sky ride with Mom for the first time. And I rode on the airplane ride there too. I'm a big, brave girl! On Saturday we went to Colin's (Dave & Dorothy's son's) birthday party. I didn't nap and so after eating chocolate cake on the way home I crashed hard in the car. Dad picked me up and in a sleep haze I said, "Tell me that story." and then fell back to sleep. Mom and Dad started laughing because that's all I want these days -- stories. Especially stories with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Belle. I slept that night in my dress.

Daddy and I planted some vegetables this week. We bought a tomato plant, corn and cucumber seeds. They're starting to grow!

Friday, 15 Apr 05 (back to top)

Mom thinks it's neat that I want to play "Mommy and Daddy" all the time. By myself, or with friends, I like to pretend that my toys or I am either the mommy or daddy. I especially like a book in which the heroine asks a knight to marry her. I get excited because she's going to be the mommy and he's going to be the daddy.

Monday, 11 Apr 05 (back to top)

This weekend was fun. I saw Nicholas on Friday and went to Isabella's on Saturday. Saturday afternoon, Dad and I went to Pinole High School to see "Little Red Riding Hood". They called me and Rheannan on stage at the beginning. I ended up slowly walking off stage because I got a little scared. Other than that, I was riveted to the show. Saturday night we went to Tatiana's house while Dad went grocery shopping. And on Sunday Dad and I went to Alvarado Park in Richmond. They have a small creek you can play by and lots of trails. I had fun digging in gopher holes. Dad and I stopped at Home Depot and bought some corn and cucumber seeds and a small tomato plant. We planted them in the backyard. I hope they grow!

Monday, 4 Apr 05 (back to top)

Mom had to work on Saturday so Dad, Blaise, and I went to a few yard sales. I got a new purse, a game (Jenga), and Blaise got a riding car that we can push him in. Then we went to the Jungle and met Mom for lunch. On Sunday we went to Dean & Delia's son, David's birthday party in Oakland. It was at a really cool park in the hills. I enjoyed the chocolate/coffee torte!!! Isabella came over in the afternoon to play. It was a fun weekend.

Monday, 28 Mar 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I am no longer wearing any form of diapers or pull-ups. I've been sleeping in underwear the last 3 nights. No accidents so far!

Dylan and his family came over yesterday. Dad and Mom built a fort for us in the living room and we played with various toys. Dad and I got a doll and doll stroller at a yard sale on Saturday. I'm really enjoying playing with her ("Ella"). Saturday we spent Easter at our friend Suzanna's house. I found a lot of easter eggs and have been playing with all of the toys that were inside of them.

Mom and I made some homemade easter eggs. Dad and I have been having fun stomping on them in the backyard. :-)

Monday, 21 Mar 05 (back to top)

We went to our friends Jonah and Rachael's housewarming/birthday (Rachael's) on Saturday. I enjoyed seeing their guinea pigs and playing with Rachael's toys. (She's a school teacher.) I didn't do a great job sharing my toys with the other kids though. Dad tried to get us out of there before cake was served but he didn't quite make it. He also seemed to have an allergic reaction to something in the house. It was quite strange. Within a few hours of leaving he was feeling almost normal again.

We stayed overnight at Grandma Chula and Grandpa Bear's house. They were away in Yosemite so I was surprised when I woke up (I slept in their room on a cot) and they were in the bed next to me. They have so many fun things to play with. I played with the alligator who has eggs hidden in its stomach, and played with the hippos and other wood animals that sit at their own table.

We stopped at the Coyote Point Museum on the way home. I enjoyed playing on a piece of an old tree. I pretended that I was a cat stuck in the tree and Dad, the fireman, rescued me.

Monday, 14 Mar 05 (back to top)

We went to the beach in Alameda yesterday. I enjoyed digging in the sand. I think Mom enjoyed it the most. She felt like we were on vacation. Yesterday Dad and I made a paper mache dog for our Kindermusik project. We painted it this morning. Fun! I also "helped" Dad replace the rear blinker light in our blue car. I helped turn the nuts to tighten them after he changed the bulb.

On Sunday I slept later than normal and woke up after 7am. I stayed in my room until Dad came to get me at 7:30 and told him, "The clock won't let me wake up!" I know to stay in my room until I see "6" on the clock.

Thursday, 10 Mar 05 (back to top)

I gave myself a haircut. I cut off a few inches in a section at the back of my head. Fun!

Friday, 25 Feb 05 (back to top)

I'm really getting into giving my stuffed animals hair cuts (trims). I'll bring each animal/doll to Mom or Dad and say "Is this mine?" and if they say yes, I get excited and then go trim some fur/hair. One of my barbie dolls isn't doing very well. :-)

Thursday, 24 Feb 05 (back to top)

I spent much of the afternoon going through all my stuffed animals and giving them haircuts with my scissors. Mom and Dad spent the evening picking up the pieces of fluff. Around 3:30 or so I was having a hard time and hid behind the loveseat in the living room. I ended up falling asleep back there for about 90 minutes, surprising Mom & Dad.

Monday, 21 Feb 05 (back to top)

Dad and I went to the Discovery Museum today. He got tickets for the Chinese New Year's dance show. I didn't want to go so we played and made crafts. I found my friend Tatiana and we ran around the back area for 75 minutes or so.

Monday, 14 Feb 05 (back to top)

Happy Valentine's Day! Mom and I made a ton of valentines over the past week or so, and we made some valentine's cookies. We're going to give them out this week. Dad installed my new car seat in the Blue Car (I call her "Ellie" now), and he installed a new booster seat for me in "Angelo" - the blackberry car. He washed my old car seat and Blaise will be using it once he replaces Blaise's current car seat.

Tuesday, 8 Feb 05 (back to top)

We got back from our trip to Boston last night. Our flight out on Thursday (direct flight) was rerouted through Chicago, so we got in 2 hours later than expected. I fell asleep on the plane just as we were landing, so Mom carried me and Dad carried Blaise out of the plane (plus our 3 backpacks, and DVD player). It was snowing when we got the rental car, but I missed it since I was out cold. I woke up briefly as they put me to bed in the hotel. The highlight of the plane ride was drinking ginger ale.

On Friday we met up with Grandma Risa and went to the Acton Discovery Museum. I liked playing with the train and diner. We hung out at the hotel while Blaise napped and then we went to Grandma Risa's for chinese food.

On Saturday we went to Temple Beth Am for Jennie's Bat Mitzvah. It was a long service and Mom took me and Blaise out to run around while Dad stayed in to do his Alliyah. Afterwards I ate bagels and met many relatives. I played with Scott Finer's daughter, Charlotte.

Later we all took naps at the hotel and then went to the Glenn Ellen Country Club for dinner. The DJ handed out prizes and I got a glowing ring and some sour candy. Uncle Lenny Liberman tried to play the "coke & pepsi" game with me on the dance floor but we didn't last very long. During the candle lighting ceremony Dad tried to get me to light the candle but I didn't want to.

On Sunday we went to Hopkinton to see Dad's high school friends and Rich Hills' workplace. All of their kids came with their toys. I played in a conference room with a cookie oven and its trays (unplugged). Martin & Maura gave me some Disney princess dolls. I'm really into Disney princesses right now.

We had dinner (bagels & cream cheese) at Aunt Beth's house and I got to know my cousins a little better. Juliette and I played with the leftover balloons.

On Monday I played in the snow with Mom for quite a while. It was a lot of fun. Then we packed up and went to the airport. I fell asleep as soon as the plane took off and slept for about 1.5 hours. The flight was pretty good and I got to have ginger ale again! But it's good to be back home now.

Tuesday, 1 Feb 05 (back to top)

Here's an update on my nighttime routine: If I haven't napped that day, we'll start my routine at 6:30 pm. Otherwise we'll start it sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. Mom, Dad and I bring up some food (either dinner I didn't finish, or some baby fruit or vegetable jars) to my room. We brush my teeth and put on my pajamas and I'll snack a little bit. Then we read 3 books together. Mom or Dad, alternatively each night, will then rock me to two songs on our American Lullabye CD and I'll climb into my toddler bed. Amos sleeps on his own pillow. Booties sleeps under my kitty pillow. And I put my satin miniblanket over my kitty pillow and sleep on that. Mom or Dad will then sing Rock-a-bye baby to me two times. Dad then says "Good night Freya. I hope you sleep well. I love you. Good night." I then sleep until 6 am and call for "Daddy!!!"

Monday, 31 Jan 05 (back to top)

Grandma Chula & Grandpa Bear came over yesterday. We had lots of fun. Blaise slept for 2 hours so I had them to myselves for quite a while.

Friday, 28 Jan 05 (back to top)

I'm starting to be more aware of my dreams. I've told Dad several times in the past week or so that I've dreamt about Blue's Clues. (I've been watching a few Blues Clues videos each morning.) And I woke up in the middle of the night because "something was in the room". But it was only my outside shoes.

Tuesday, 25 Jan 05 (back to top)

We went to see Dr. Wolffe at his new office in Lafayette. Mom was concerned about me touching all of the cool toys and then putting my hands in my mouth. Dad was on "hand patrol" duty. I got medicine for my excema on my chin.

Friday, 21 Jan 05 (back to top)

Potty Training update: Thursday - no accidents. I've also started smelling my underwear to see if it's stinky or not. Last night I jammed my stinky underwear into Mom's nose so she could smell how stinky it was.

Thursday, 20 Jan 05 (back to top)

Potty Training update: Tuesday - no accidents!! Wednesday - two accidents. I slept through the night Tues & Wed nights without peeing in my pull-up. Yeay!

Wednesday, 19 Jan 05 (back to top)

Yesterday I started my potty training for real. I wore big-girl underwear (with Disney princesses on them) and didn't have any accidents. Let's see how day #2 goes!

BTW, Mom and Dad have been struggling with the fish tank. Cinderella is sick and now Spotty (#2) has something forming on his tail. Mom and Dad have been training 25% of the water out every few days and putting fresh water in. Plus they've been treating the water for "Ich". Our clam turned blue from that medicine. Mom took both fish in to Wet Pets yesterday and they said to just let the tank cycle. Hopefully they'll get better on their own now.

Tuesday, 18 Jan 05 (back to top)

Dad and I went to see some African-American dance yesterday at the Discovery Museum. Shortly after it started, I said "Look at she hair!" (One woman had spiky hair.) Towards the end, I climbed down the the floor to sit with the other children. I looked up to see Dad and couldn't see him, so I started to leave the theater. Luckily Dad was watching me and came after me.

Friday, 14 Jan 05 (back to top)

On Wednesday when Mom went upstairs to nurse Blaise, I took a whole box of baby oatmeal flakes and poured them all over the dining room table, chairs and floor. When Mom came downstairs, she looked at the mess, then said "No. That's not ok." and then got a boal of Macaroni & cheese and plopped down on a flake-covered chair and started eating. I kept asking Mom to lift up her bowl so I could see the pile of flakes underneath. I thought that was the funniest thing. Then Mom started lifting up the flakes and having them "drift" down like snow. It was a lot of fun. We then cleaned up the mess together.

Wednesday, 12 Jan 05 (back to top)

Our fish Spotty wasn't doing well. Dad took him to the pet store and when he came back, Spotty was doing much better. Dad also got a spotted cory catfish. I named him "Megory".

Monday, 10 Jan 05 (back to top)

We celebrated cousin Angelo's birthday at the SF Pier 39 Aquarium under the Sea. I did 4 laps around the aquarium. And then we had pizza at Pier 39. I gave Angelo the popsicle stick box that I made and then he and I chased all the pigeons around and looked at the sea lions. It was a fun morning.

Saturday, 1 Jan 05 (back to top)

Happy New Year! Dad and I spent the morning roaming the local mall. He was supposed to go to the gym and I to Kids Club, but the people who were to work at Kids Club never showed up. We had fun exploring stores and eating pretzels. I went pee/poo 4 times today in the potty and finished up my "chart," so we all went for ice cream this afternoon. I was all sugared up so going grocery shopping afterwards was tough.

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