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Sunday 5 Apr 09 (back to top)

I'm actually wearing Cars underwear today too! But it's size 4-5 Cars underwear that was supposed to glow in the dark. Unfortunately they didn't work. I also have a new pair of Speed Racer pajamas that I love. Every morning after I get changed, I hide my Speed Racer pajamas so Mom can't wash them, and so I can wear them again at night.

Yesterday we went miniature golfing as a family for the first time. I got to practice my putting skills that I learned in Sports Skills class at The Little Gym.

Sunday 6 Dec 07 (back to top)

I went pee and poop in the potty yesterday!!!! Mom and Dad were really excited. I got to wear my "Cars" underwear all day. Today I went to the preschool/Kindergarten class at Sunday school. I no longer have to stay in the nursery!

Sunday 30 Dec 07 (back to top)

It's been fun having Grandma Chula & Gandpa Bear hear the past few weeks. When Ellie and Angelo were here for Christmas, I tried sleeping with them and Freya in sleeping bags in our milk carton castle. I couldn't sleep since I wasn't in my crib, so after trying for a while, I went back to my crib. Dad and I went to the zoo the other day. I really wanted to see the insects, but that part of the zoo was closed.

Saturday 17 Nov 07 (back to top)

Yesterday, Kayla brought me to my The Little Gym class (Super Beasts) 45 minutes late. So Dad suggested that I try out a Funny Bugs class (3-4 year olds; no parents in the gym). I did great! I went in and followed the group and tried everything! Mom and Dad were really proud of me!

Tuesday 4 Sep 07 (back to top)

I started "peeschool" today, at the Lily Pond Preschool in West Linn. My teacher is Teacher Debbie. Dad dropped me off this morning and I immediately started playing with the toy train. This is very exciting for us all! I got a tricycle this weekend and am learning how to pedal.

Thursday 28 June 07 (back to top)

My birthday was this past weekend. After everyone woke up on Saturday, Mom and Dad told me to look outside for my present. I looked in the bushes and our garden before I looked up and saw a play structure! I said, "Look, a park!"

Sunday 3 June 07 (back to top)

We went to church today (Unitarian Universalist), and afterward, Dad and I walked to a fire station. The fire fighters were doing yard work and took a break to let me climb up into one of the fire trucks. They gave me a fire hat and I got to watch a firefighter slide down their pole.

Wednesday 21 Feb 07 (back to top)

Mom and Dad think it's pretty neat that after I go to bed, I can lie in bed talking or singing to myself for up to 90 minutes before quieting down and going to sleep. They can often hear me singing Old McDonald and my ABC's.

Saturday 20 Jan 07 (back to top)

We had a snowstorm on Tuesday morning. We got about 3 inches of snow. Portland shut down for 3 days. Freya stayed home from school and The Little Gym was closed for Tues & Wednesday. We had fun playing in the snow. We built tiny snowmen.

Tuesday 9 Jan 07 (back to top)

Dad and I started a swim class at Children of the Sea last Saturday. It was the "Dad's" class - 4 dads with their kids. I really enjoyed the Motorboat activity and song while holding on to my turtle board. BTW, I can do somersaults and donkey kicks by myself. I can also play the game Perfection by myself, matching the pieces well.


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