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Tuesday 26 Dec 06 (back to top)

Merry Christmas! Grandma Chula & Grandpa Bear came up to spend a few weeks with us for the holidays. They got me a miniature stainless steel cookware set that I love. Santa brought me a lego train set that is pretty cool too. Freya likes playing with it. I've got a bit of a cold so I'm not a happy camper right now.

Tuesday 14 Nov 06 (back to top)

Dad forgot to write about Halloween. I wore my elephant costume. At the first house, after they opened the door, I walked right in and started exploring the house. Dad didn't explain that we were supposed to wait outside! Anyway, Dad got me and the rest of the night went well.

Tuesday 7 Nov 06 (back to top)

Hello again. I am now speaking quite a storm! I can use pronouns pretty well and say please and thank you. I love my blue blankie. I love trucks. I love "little gym". I like to hide in the door of my dresser. I got a pretty nasty scratch under my eye from Jada (my daily playmate) and it's healed to a faded scar. I wonder if I'll have it all my life. I'm a great sleeper. I sleep from around 7pm to 6am. My favorite show is Dora the Explorer. Although I do like "Thomas" now (the tank engine).

Sunday 23 April 06 (back to top)

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote. Dad's been pretty busy and hasn't let me channel my thoughts through his fingers for a long while. We've been living up in Oregon since mid-November. I can now climb into my high chair or a regular chair by myself and am pretty good at using forks and spoons. I do enjoy banging them and have put quite a few dings in the table.


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