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Thursday, 30 Dec 04 (back to top)

I had my 6 month doctor visit today. I got 3 shots. (ouch!) I now weigh 16 lbs, 14 ounces, and am 27.5 inches long. I am in the 50th percentile for weight and between 75th and 90th for length.

Tuesday, 28 Dec 04 (back to top)

My first Hanukkah/Christmas. Bah Humbug! I got some clothes, but Freya took all of my good toys. She left me with just the chew-toys. I *do* like chewing quite a bit. So it's not a total loss.

Thursday, 23 Dec 04 (back to top)

I just did my first "assisted" rollover. I was on the couch almost between two cushions and mom nudged the cushions to help. I couldn't repeat it on the floor though. Soon maybe!

Friday, 17 Dec 04 (back to top)

Yesterday while I was taking a bath with Mom, I was able to not only grab my feet, but I got one foot in my mouth for the first time. And I took my kicking to a new level. I've always been a big kicker. But yesterday I really was kicking and splashing up a storm!

Monday, 13 Dec 04 (back to top)

I've just started doing "raspberries." I'm not using my tongue for it yet, but I can do a very basic one with just my lips.

Tuesday, 7 Dec 04 (back to top)

I've started communicating using a high-pitched squeek/squeal. Mom & Dad think it's pretty cute!

Monday, 6 Dec 04 (back to top)

I've realized that when I wake up, if I want Mom or Dad to come, I should not start sucking on my thumb. As soon as one of them comes and gets me, then I can start sucking my thumb. (If I make noise... they come. If I don't... they don't.)

Wednesday, 1 Dec 04 (back to top)

When I lie on my back, I've started reaching for my feet. I can grab them. But I don't know what to do with them!

Tuesday, 30 Nov 04 (back to top)

Mom fed me my first solid food today - if you can call it that! It was very liquidy rice cereal. I didn't swallow any; it just dribbled down my chin.

Monday, 29 Nov 04 (back to top)

My first Thansgiving and Grandma Chula's was fun. Everyone took turns holidng me. Aunt Claire gushes over me.

Monday, 22 Nov 04 (back to top)

I'm having cold #4 of my life. I was up until midnight having to have my nose suctioned before I finally fell asleep. Dad went out with some Hercules friends for his first "Dad's night out". So he was a bit tired and considered it a pretty bad night to not get sleep.

Sunday, 14 Nov 04 (back to top)

Milestone: I was able to push myself up by one arm when lying on my belly yesterday.

Thursday, 11 Nov 04 (back to top)

I'm doing a better job of grabbing things with my hands. I've grabbed Freya's hair a bunch of times (she puts her face in mine often). I'm still drooling like a fountain.

Tuesday, 9 Nov 04 (back to top)

Well, I'm not sleeping through the night anymore. I've started waking up between 12 and 1am to feed. Mom thinks its because I'm so big. She's looking forward to when I can eat solid food in 1.5 months from now.

Friday, 22 Oct 04 (back to top)

I had my 4 month doctor appointment yesterday. I was 15 lbs, 2oz. Exactly double my birth weight. I'm in the 90th percentile for height for 4 month old boys and 75th percentile for weight. My doctor says that I'm about the size of an average 6 month old. Dad wants to know what's in Mom's breast milk!

Tuesday, 12 Oct 04 (back to top)

I'm pretty much truly sleeping through the night - 7pm to 6:45am. And I can reach for things that are dangling in front of me.

Wednesday, 6 Oct 04 (back to top)

I just started giggling yesterday. It's a great sound!

Tuesday, 5 Oct 04 (back to top)

Dad thinks I've started reaching for things above me in my play "gym" or bouncy seat. Mom thinks that I'm better at flailing my arms and bumping into things...

Wednesday, 29 Sep 04 (back to top)

I took my first bath in a real bathtub last night. Both Dad and Freya joined me. Freya helped by washing my legs, arms, and belly. I think I enjoyed being with them in the warm water.

Monday, 27 Sep 04 (back to top)

My cold wasn't very bad (luckily). And I've continued to sleep through the night. Last night was the 6th night in a row that I slept through the night. Mom and Dad are ecstatic!

Friday, 24 Sep 04 (back to top)

I've got a cold - cold #3. And I slept through the night again. Mom thinks that my sucking my thumb is the best thing ever!

Thursday, 23 Sep 04 (back to top)

I'm 3 months old today! And I slept through the night for the 3rd time! (2 nights in a row!).

Wednesday, 22 Sep 04 (back to top)

I slept through the night for the second time in my life!!! (7:45pm - 6am)

Tuesday, 21 Sep 04 (back to top)

I've found my thumb! I slept to 5:30am this morning because of it. Self-pacification is 'da bomb'!

Monday, 20 Sep 04 (back to top)

I've been able to hold my head up enough that Mom and Dad now sit me facing out in my front carrier. I'm also starting to grip more with my fingers. It's fun to try to grab things. (Although my arms still move somewhat randomly, but I'm getting there!)

Wednesday, 15 Sep 04 (back to top)

Milestone (11 weeks 6 days): When propped up at a 45 degree angle, I can lift my head up by myself.

Monday, 13 Sep 04 (back to top)

I haven't slept through the night again, but I only wake up once usually. I'm starting to smile more at Mom and DAd and I can hold my head up a bit better. And I'm pushing up with my feet a bit when Dad holds my body. I'm pretty big!

Freya's birthday was this past week. I'm hoping that Mom and Dad start holding me in the Bjorn carrier facing OUT so I can see!!!

Wednesday, 8 Sep 04 (back to top)

Sunday night I slept through the night - 8pm to 6am. Not bad! Mom and Dad are looking forward to repeat performances. But they are being more successful putting me to sleep when I'm still partly awake.

Wednesday, 1 Sep 04 (back to top)

My sleeping habits have been a bit strange of late. Two nights ago I slept 8.5 hours straight. Last night, I slept for about 3 hours and then 3 hours and then 1.5 hours. Mom thinks I might be having a growth spurt.

Wednesday, 24 Aug 04 (back to top)

Mom and Dad are a bit surprised. Both on Monday and Tuesday night they put me to sleep when I wasn't completely conked out. I fussed a tiny bit, but fell asleep on my own. They're shocked!

Tuesday, 24 Aug 04 (back to top)

Just as Freya did before me, when I lie on my back on Mom & Dad's bed, I get entranced by the slowly spinning ceiling fan. I've got to figure out how to get one of those things for my room!

Monday, 23 Aug 04 (back to top)

Grandma Risa and Grandpa Bernie visited this past weekend (Thurs - Sun). I've started cooing (Milestone: 8 weeks, 3 days) and was cooing/talking back with Grandpa Bernie.

Thurs, 19 Aug 04 (back to top)

I had my 2 month doctor appointment today. I now weigh 12 pounds, 2.5 oz., and am 23.5 inches tall. Head circumferance of 15.5 inches. I also had my first round of immunizations - Pediarix, and 2 others....

Tuesday, 17 Aug 04 (back to top)

Milestone (7 weeks 5 days): Yesterday, Freya and Dad observed me scooting on my back. I used to bicycle my legs when laying on my back. Now I can kick them both together against the floor and scoot back an inch or so at a time. Dad caught it on video.

Monday, 16 Aug 04 (back to top)

Last night I had trouble sleeping due to my cold. I don't know if it's gone away. Since it's been about 2 weeks, I'll call this Cold #2.

Thursday, 12 Aug 04 (back to top)

Yup, I definitely am smiling. I was smiling at Dad for quite a while yesterday.

Monday, 9 Aug 04 (back to top)

Milestone: I slept 7 hours straight for the first time Saturday night (8:30pm - 3:30am).

Milestone (6.5 weeks old): Mom and Dad are fairly certain that I smiled at each of them for the first time over the weekend. Last night when Dad was trying to get me back to bed at 2:45am, he's pretty sure I smiled at him again.

Wednesday, 4 Aug 04 (back to top)

Mom & Dad were paranoid that I wouldn't sleep last night and that they'd be up every couple of hours to put nose drops in my nose, suction it out, and then sit with me in the bathroom with the shower steaming. I surprised them both by sleeping a 6 hour stretch (9pm - 3am) and then from 4:15 - 6am. (They hope all my colds will be like this!)

Tuesday, 3 Aug 04 (back to top)

Yup, I've got my first cold. Last night I slept in my car seat so I would be more upright. Freya wouldn't let me use the humidifier since she's also got a cold and likes pressing the buttons on it. I didn't sleep too bad though. I did make a lot of noises throughout the night, so Dad didn't get a ton of sleep.

Monday, 2 Aug 04 (back to top)

I'm almost 6 weeks old now. I've been sleeping at night a 5-6 hour stretch, typically from 8pm to 1am or so. But after that, you could set a watch by me; I wake up exactly every 2 hours after. Mom and Dad have started using the Baby Bjorn to get me to sleep and then transfer me to my crib, their bed, or the car seat. I think I may be coming down wtih my first cold. (Freya's got one.)

Thursday, 29 July 04 (back to top)

I'm just over 5 weeks old now. No new changes in my daily activities. I'm starting to enjoy baths. (Mom's really good at it.) I'm having more waking time during the day and Mom and Dad now carry me in the Baby Bjorn more now. I still get up 2-3 times each night for 45-60 minutes.

Sunday, 18 July 04 (back to top)

I drank from a bottle for the first time today. (I'm about 3.5 weeks old now.) I drank about 3 ounces of Mom's breast milk. Everyone was very excited.

Thursday, 15 July 04 (back to top)

Dad installed a shelf in my room above my changing table/dresser. He's very proud of himself. It's almost level!

Tuesday, 13 July 04 (back to top)

This is how Mom & Dad get through the night. Mom breastfeeds me sometime between 7pm and 8pm (when I'm ready), and puts me down in my car seat in Mom & Dad's bedroom. A baby monitor is set up in there so they can hear if I wake up. Then they help my sister go to sleep. Mom then sleeps in my room on a futon (because I grunt while I sleep and she can't sleep through it.) Dad moves the monitor to my room and then sleeps in his room with me.

When I wake up 3-5 hours later, Dad will bring me in to Mom to nurse and will turn on the monitor receiver in his room. In the middle, Mom will call for Dad who will come back and change my diaper. Mom will then bring me into the master bedroom and put me to sleep in the center of the bed with Dad when I fall asleep after finishing nursing. Mom will then go back to my room to sleep on the futon. If I don't fall deeply to sleep, Dad will bring me downstairs and bounce with me on our exercise ball while watching strange TV shows. He'll then bring me back upstairs and put me to bed with him.

Mom and Dad will repeat this until Freya wakes up. Then Mom will come into bed with me and Dad will take Freya downstairs to entertain until Mom gets up (for breakfast and so Dad can start work). This seems to be the way that they both can get about 5-6 hours of some form of sleep. :-)

Monday, 5 July 04 (back to top)

I went to my first 4th of July parade yesterday. Slept through it. Dad's figured out how to get me to go back to sleep at 2am. He bounces on an exercise ball while holding me.

Thursday, 1 July 04 (back to top)

Mom, Dad, Freya and I went out for our first family outing yesterday. Freya filled up her tooth-brushing chart with stickers so she is treated with ice cream. I slept through it all, but Mom, Dad, and Freya had fun.

Wednesday, 30 June 04 (back to top)

Sorry for no new details. Dad's been a bit busy and unable to write. I'm doing well. Freya's trying to put a dimple in my forehead with her thumb, but Mom and Dad are trying to keep my skull in tact.

Wednesday, 23 June 04 (back to top)

I was born today!!! See my birth story for the details.

Tuesday, 22 June 04 (back to top)

Mom really wants me to come into the world now! She's having shooting pains in her legs occasionally when she walks. She thinks I'm pressing on something important.

Wednesay, 19 May 04 (back to top)

False Alarm. Mom's been having some contractions that don't seem normal. So we spent yesterday morning at the hospital. She's on some medication that should calm things down a bit. Mom & Dad hope it works because they're not quite ready for me!

Wednesay, 5 May 04 (back to top)

I seem to be kicking and pushing in places where I shouldn't be. Mom's surprised at how low I can kick. Maybe I'll be a baseball pitcher -- "Low and Inside!"

Wednesay, 28 Apr 04 (back to top)

Mom's amazed at how much I move around. I'm super active and she's betting I'm going to be a super active baby/toddler/child. I can't wait to come meet her!

Friday, 12 Mar 04 (back to top)

Dad finally posted my ultrasound images. Click on the images to see larger versions.

Blaise at 6 weeks
Blaise Profile at 16wks
Blaise's face
Little foot
Yes! A boy!


Saturday, 7 Feb 04 (back to top)

Mom's been feeling me move around for a while in her belly. But last night Dad felt me moving for the first time!

Thursday, 15 Jan 04 (back to top)

Mom got an ultrasound today. They are very pleased to find out that I and going to be a boy! Dad will be posting the ultrasound photographs to the Web very soon.

Monday, 5 Jan 04 (back to top)

It's been a rough few days for Mom. My location in her pelvis isn't optimal so there's been some difficulty in the peeing department for her. I won't go into details, but she's had to go to the emergency room twice so far. We're hoping that I move a bit to make things easier on her in the coming months...

Thursday, 13 Nov 03 (back to top)

Mom got an ultrasound yesterday. It showed that everything was progressing nicely. The due date from this ultrasound was July 2. But since it's so close to the original, the Dr. is keeping the official due date at June 29.

Tuesday, 11 Nov 03 (back to top)

Mom's had a pretty nasty case of all-day sickness since getting pregnant. Aunt Aimee says that that indicates that I'll be a girl. Let's see if that old wive's tale is true. Mom saw the doctor last week. My due date is June 29, 2004.

Tuesday, 21 Oct 03 (back to top)

It's official (somewhat). The EPT test indicated last night that Mom (Marie) is pregnant. She's going to set up a doctor appointment to make it truly official. Dad's quite excited. But Mom's first words after hearing from Dad that the line was pink was, "I think I'm going to be sick." She didn't think that she'd get pregnant that quickly.