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Monday 24 October 05 (back to top)

Last night I started "writing" with a utensil for the first time. I alternated between writing with a pen on paper and on the table, and then trying to eat the pen. This weekend, I sucked the ink out of one magic marker (yellow), and then sucked the ink & wick from a blue marker. I also like to eat crayons like they're breadsticks.

My 9th tooth came in. Lower right front molar.

Wednesday 19 October 05 (back to top)

I can now say "wawa" (water). I like to say it and crack my jaw joint at the same time. I get a kick out of it!

Tuesday 18 October 05 (back to top)

My new word: "Nana" means Banana. It's my favorite food! I have a small plastic banana that I carry around and chew on.

Monday 17 October 05 (back to top)

My new thing is that when Mom says to do Patty Cake, I start clapping, and when we get to the "roll it" part, I will actually roll my arms. I also have a new word "Doitagain" which sounds like "dada".

Monday 10 October 05 (back to top)

I've started singing along with Dad when he puts me to bed. When he sings "Eidleweiss," when he gets to the "forever" part, I open my mouth and go "ahhhhhhhh" along with him. If I'm drinking milk at that time, I pull the sippy cup out of my mouth so I can accompany him.

Thursday 6 October 05 (back to top)

I can feed myself now. I really like to use a fork to stab food and bring it to my mouth. I'm starting to learn how to use a spoon too. I'm learning how to blow kisses now too!

Wednesday 5 October 05 (back to top)

I'm starting to say Mama and really mean it. Actually, when I say "Mama", I can mean Mom or Dad.

Monday 3 October 05 (back to top)

I can now do "Eskimo" kisses. And I think I know where my nose is now.

Monday 26 September 05 (back to top)

I can now say a few more words. Mom thinks that my second word was "Thank you" (or "dey-ku"). Dad's not convinced yet. I do say "Mama" and "Dada", but they're not convinced I truly know what they mean yet. Dad thinks that my 2nd word was "Row" as in "Row, row, row the boat." I will go up to the glider, push it, and say "row row". I will then climb up and Mom will push it while singing Row, row, row the boat. I love it.

I also really love my green blanket. I pull it from my crib and nuzzle into it on the floor. It makes me so happy!

Wednesday 21 September 05 (back to top)

I no longer hold my arms above my head (for balance) when I walk. Also my 7th and 8th teeth have come through (bottom teeth).

Monday 19 September 05 (back to top)

I truly am able to do the "more" sign now.

Wednesday 14 September 05 (back to top)

I'm starting to talk. Actually, it sounds like I'm trying to speak and gargle at the same time. Dad thinks that I'm starting to enter my "speak random dialects" stage. The first stage is some form of African dialect. Then it changes to become an Asian dialect. I might be actually saying a word too. I seem to be saying "nooo" when I mean "No." My parents aren't completely sure. Plus I've started attaching to Freya's old Elmo doll. I walk around with his nose in my mouth.

Tuesday 13 September 05 (back to top)

At Freya's friend Isabella's birthday party on Saturday, in the gift bag were three chocolate "Barbie" coins. Dad found 2 of them before Freya did and put them up high for later. But one of them found its way into my car seat. I found it yesterday afternoon. Mom didn't know what it was so she let me play with it. She was a bit concerned when I had been quiet for a while in the back seat, so when she turned to check on me, I was covered with chocolate - all over my hands, face, hair, and clothes. And I had a huge grin on my face!

Monday 12 September 05 (back to top)

Dad says that I am in my "speaking in tongues" phase. he thinks that I'm speaking some form of African dialect. Yesterday (Freya's birthday party) was fun. Aunt Claire played with me for most of the day. And in the afternoon I got to play with some of Freya's new dolls. I really like her baby seal hand puppet.

Friday 9 September 05 (back to top)

I have really taken to my green flannel blanket. When Mom or Dad put me to sleep, I really snuggle up with it. And sometimes I walk around the house holding it.

Thursday 8 September 05 (back to top)

I can clap on demand. If Dad says, "Blaise, clap your hands," I will do so.

Tuesday 30 August 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I got my first haircut yesterday. Mom, Dad, and Freya tried to cut it in the morning (actually Freya tried to), but I was too fidgety. So mom did it by herself later in the afternoon. It actually looks pretty good.

Monday 29 August 05 (back to top)

We went to the Discovery Museum on Saturday. I really enjoyed playing on the "waterbed" ponds and in the water play areas.

Friday 26 August 05 (back to top)

I've been eating quite a bit of fruit -- watermelon, cherries, grapes, cantaloupe. I also like cucumber. Mom and Dad are quite impressed!

Monday 22 August 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I did my third baby sign. I have just started doing the "more" sign, again with some prompting. Plus I am now able to walk about 10 steps at a time. When I do so, I hold my arms up high in front of me to help with my "frankenstein" walk.

Monday 15 August 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I did my second baby sign. I have just started doing the "done" sign - with a little bit of prompting from Mom. I've also learned how to open up doors that have a handle that you pull down, versus a knob that you twist.

Wednesday 10 August 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I did my first baby sign today. I did the "fish" sign (looking like I'm breathing underwater.)

Friday 5 August 05 (back to top)

Milestone: Tooth number six came in. It's my 4th upper tooth.

Tuesday 2 August 05 (back to top)

I've just figured out how to climb down stairs. I go down on my tummy and go down backward. It's much easier than trying to go down head-first!

Sunday 31 July 05 (back to top)

Milestone: Tooth number five came in's one of my upper teeth. And I'm not coming down with a cold. We all went to the pool yesterday. I had fun splashing around.

Tuesday 26 July 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I stood up yesterday and took 4.5 steps before sitting down. Mom & Dad both saw it. They now say that I can walk! I do prefer crawling though.

Last week we went to Fallen Leaf Lake. I enjoyed climbing up everything possible. I got my hands dirty on the wood stove and liked climbing up to the fireplace.

Friday 15 July 05 (back to top)

From a sitting position, I can stand up for a second. Yesterday I also stepped away from the wall (let go of the wall) and stood by myself for about 3 seconds. Mom & Dad both witnessed it. Tomorrow we leave for Fallen Leaf Lake.

Wednesday 13 July 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I took my first step yesterday. I was standing, holding on to a stool downstairs and I wanted to go to the large black exercise ball. I took one step by myself and made it to the ball. Dad witnessed this.

Monday 11 July 05 (back to top)

We went to Naveen's 1st birthday on Saturday. I enjoyed climbing up their stairs all afternoon. (Dad had to bring me down since I can't climb down yet.) On Sunday Dad took Freya and me to the park. I had fun climbing on the big play structure and trying to eat broken plastic cups.

Wednesday 6 July 05 (back to top)

I'm enjoying pulling out drawers around the house and pulling out anything that's inside those drawers. I'm not good at closing them yet. I pinch my fingers quite a bit.

Tuesday 5 July 05 (back to top)

Happy Fourth of July. Yesterday we went to the local Hercules parade. I really did not like the loud noise from the fire engines. But I enjoyed snacking on hotdog strips while dad held me. After my nap we had an early dinner and then went out for ice cream. It was the first time I had ever had ice cream. Mom and Dad aren't sure if I liked it or not because I grimaced after eating a bite. They are not sure if it was because it was cold or if I did not like the vanilla flavor.

Wednesday 29 June 05 (back to top)

I had my 1-year doctor appointment yesterday. I am 30 inches long and just under 21 pounds. Freya came too and asked for a lollipop and after I got my 2 shots, the nurse suggested giving me one. Mom agreed and I immediately calmed down. (My first lollipop!) When we got to the car, Mom didn't think it was wise for me to be sucking on it while driving, so she took it away. I was furious! I was hungry, tired, sore, and my first lollipop was taken away. I made sure the ride home wasn't fun for Mom.

Tuesday 28 June 05 (back to top)

I love lifting things up. I love to lift up the various rugs in the family room and kitchen. I love picking up the plexiglass covers over the living room and family room tables. Maybe I will become some sort of investigator or detective when I grow up.

Thursday 23 June 05 (back to top)

Today I am one year old! I woke up at 5:25am ready for the day. Mom and Dad let me stay in my crib until about 5:55. Then Dad brought me in to Mom to nurse and he went downstairs to shower. I've got a bit of a cold; it started yesterday. After Dad showered, he came upstairs and brought me and Freya down. (Freya had woken up and joined Mom and me.) Dad gave us some cereal and we watched the Silly Willy workout video. I'm excited about today. Dad and Mom make a carrot cake for me last night! My first cake!

Cousins Ellie and Angelo came over to help me celebrate my birthday. I took only a 5 minute nap this morning, so we had an early lunch and then ate my cake (carrot cake). I didn't eat much because I was so tired. After my nap we started opening presents. I got a small wheelbarrow and toys for playing in the sand, a wooden puzzle, wooden blocks, a cool pull-bug that lights up and plays music, some cheerios (from Grandma Chula & Grandpa Bear), $15 that will go to a new swimming pool, a new sleep sack, and a small airplane toy!

After Dad finished work, he, Freya, and I went to Hercules park. I climbed up the stairs of the big kid play structure, then crawled through a wire mesh tube and then up some more stairs to the very tall slide. (Dad was behind me.) Then the 2 of us slid down together. We did that three times.

We then went home and had fish, peas, and french fries for dinner. (My first french fries.) And then I went to bed since I was so tired. I slept from about 6:45pm until 6:30am the next morning.

Monday, 20 June 05 (back to top)

We went to the Discovery Museum yesterday (Father's Day). I didn't really like the room that had squishy pads to crawl on. (Actually, they were more like small water beds.) I did like the other room where I could crawl around and play with some big blocks. Freya put on a spider costume and played in the cave there.

Monday, 13 June 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I pulled myself up to standing on the little car that you can walk behind. I took a few steps by myself, holding on to the car-walker.

We went to Marie's friend Joel's house for brunch yesterday. I sat in a booster seat on a chair and really loved being "an adult". It was like I was in all the action!

Tuesday, 31 May 05 (back to top)

We all went to Dylan and Kylie's house Sunday night. I tried to climb up Kylie, but she didn't like it. (She's a few months younger than I am.) But she and Dylan had some cool toys to suck on.

This morning I swallowed a star-shaped bead that I found on the floor. It took a little bit but I ended up throwing it up on Mommy's shirt. Dad and Mom thought we might have to go to the hospital. They're glad I threw up.

Tuesday, 24 May 05 (back to top)

Milestone: My fourth tooth is pretty much pushing through now. Yesterday I went with Freya and dad to Kindermusik. I crawled over to Nathan's mom, Shirley, and climbed into her lap. I then tried to climb up and reach her necklace and earrings. She thought it was really sweet.

Monday, 23 May 05 (back to top)

(I'm 11 months old today!!) We got back from Phoenix on Saturday. I've been suffering from another ear infection since Tuesday. And it's not been fun. But my fourth tooth looks like it's about to punch through any day now. By the way, I am somewhat allergic to amoxicillin; when I take it, I seem to get a rash. Plus it causes me to have nasty diarrhea. Not fun.

Thursday, 12 May 05 (back to top)

I am really getting fast crawling. When Mom or Dad opens the refrigerator door, I'm there in a shot. And when Cece shows up, I race to the door.

Monday, 2 May 05 (back to top)

I've started crawling up the stairs.I was able to crawl up about six stairs this weekend.

Friday, 29 Apr 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I am truly cruising now. It also now seems that my rash is getting better. The Benadryl helped.

Wednesday, 27 Apr 05 (back to top)

I woke up with a nasty rash over about 25% of my body. Not sure if it's an allergic reaction or something else. Mom's taking me in to see the doctor soon. Ouch!!!

Monday, 25 Apr 05 (back to top)

Milestone: My 3rd tooth came in on Friday! And I seem to be getting better. We went to Marie's friend's wedding this weekend and I got to explore the hotel room and crib. I enjoyed floating in the hot tub with Mom & Dad.

Milestone: I waved for the first time on Friday. Or at least it looked like I waved at Carol from Mama Bear's.

Milestone: I've also started clapping my hands. :-)

Thursday, 21 Apr 05 (back to top)

Mom took me in to the doctor yesterday. I've got bad dual ear infections. Hopefully the antibiotics will clear them up and I'll be able to sleep better. My 3rd tooth still hasn't come through yet. It looks so close to coming!

Monday, 18 Apr 05 (back to top)

I was up much of the night Friday night. But on Saturday morning, I had tooth #2 -- upper front left! (Milestone) Saturday night, pretty much the same happened. Tooth #3 (upper front right) is just about to peek through.

I'm able to climb up the stair from the living room to the front door. I climb down by using my face as a brake. It's not fun, but I can get down now.

Friday, 15 Apr 05 (back to top)

I'm really crawling up a storm now. I can climb up on Mom's aerobics "Step" too. My upper gums are pretty swolen. It looks like my 2nd and 3rd tooth are going to pop any day now.

Friday, 8 Apr 05 (back to top)

Mom and Dad both saw me crawl. So now it's truly official. Also, both Freya and I have conjunctivitis. So yet again I'm not sleeping well. We're taking eye drops so hopefully that'll clear up soon.

Milestone: My first tooth came in!!! If you're looking at me, it's my front lower left tooth.

Wednesday, 6 Apr 05 (back to top)

I'm starting to cruise a little bit. I like to pull myself up on anything that can support me. I can take a step or two around things but aren't getting very far yet. Soon!

Friday, 1 Apr 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I guess you could say I'm crawling now. I'm not quite using my knees very much; I use my feet to propel myself forward onto my belly, then I pull my legs in and use my feet again to propel myself. I haven't gone very far though, just a few feet. But it's good enough that you can consider this milestone reached!

Wednesday, 30 Mar 05 (back to top)

I had my 9-month doctor visit yesterday. My ear infections are getting better but aren't completely clear yet. I now weigh 18 pounds, 15.5 ounces and am 28 inches tall. I'm now about at the 25th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height.

Monday, 28 Mar 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I'm still not sleeping through the night again. Saturday night, Mom went in to check on me and I was standing in my crib. I had a big grin on my face. On Sunday I didn't take an afternoon nap. Mom thinks it's because of these new developments.

Thursday, 24 Mar 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I'm now 9 months old (as of yesterday). Dad saw me get into a sitting position from being on my tummy. I tucked one leg under me as I backed up with my arms and then sat up. This morning I tried to start cruising along the coffee table. I'll be walking in no time! (Gotta figure out that crawling thing first though.)

Tuesday, 22 Mar 05 (back to top)

Milestone: Dad saw me pull myself up to standing next to the family room table yesterday. Mom said that I've done it before. I can only do it once because after I lower myself, my legs are under the table and get wedged in there.

Monday, 21 Mar 05 (back to top)

I've got a double ear infection. I didn't want to take my medicine yesterday morning. It may have been because Mom and Dad pinned me down on the floor and jammed the dropper in my mouth. Last night they mixed it in with yogurt and I gobbled it down. I think they're learning.

Friday, 18 Mar 05 (back to top)

I'm still sick. I'm sleeping better because Mom & Dad wedge a sofa pillow next to me so I can't roll over. Cece (my day care provider) called this morning. She's got bronchitis. So maybe that's what I've got. Not fun.:-(

Wednesday, 16 Mar 05 (back to top)

Another horrible night sleeping. I was up almost every 30 minutes. I have a cold and keep rolling over. :-(

Friday, 11 Mar 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I am now able to move myself around -- although it's not crawling. I'll describe it more later! Dad came downstairs and heard me but couldn't see me. Mom said that I was now moving. I was behind the family room chair.

Thursday, 10 Mar 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I sat up from the lying down position all by myself. Mom put me to bed for a nap and when I didn't go down to sleep, she came in to check. I was sitting up!!!

Monday, 7 Mar 05 (back to top)

Still can't sleep on my belly. And I've had a low-grade cold for a week or more so Mom and Dad don't really want to let me cry it out. I did eat my first cheerios-like cereal over the weekend.

Monday, 28 Feb 05 (back to top)

I still haven't mastered sleeping on my belly yet. :-( We went to the zoo yesterday. I didn't quite know what to make of it. The monkeys were quite active, but no different from my sister. (At least they don't snuggle with you "aggressively".)

Friday, 25 Feb 05 (back to top)

I did better sleeping last night. I'm starting to learn how to sleep on my tummy. I also started saying the "D" consonant. I've said "dada" but of course, don't know what I've said.

Thursday, 24 Feb 05 (back to top)

I kept Mom & Dad up almost all last night because I'd roll over to my tummy and then start crying. They're not sure yet how to deal with this.

Tuesday, 22 Feb 05 (back to top)

Now that I'm able to roll over (only one side tho - over my left), I've been waking up several times during the night, rolling over, and then crying so Mom or Dad can roll me back. They're not too pleased about this.

Monday, 21 Feb 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I've started saying consonants. I was sort of twisting my tongue over and sticking it out the corner of my mouth and saying some form of nya lya ngyaaah. Today I just started saying Mmmmmmmaaama. Is this my first word? Mom and Dad are debating. At least I'm saying N's and M's. Did I say that I can lurch forward from a sitting position to my hands & knees? I then drop to my belly and stick my feet back. (And then I get upset since I'm not sitting up.)

Friday, 18 Feb 05 (back to top)

Milestone: Mom and Dad actually saw me roll over yesteryday! I rolled over a second time during a nap and then afterwards, Mom put a toy down on the floor. I rolled over to get it. Dad saw it and videod me rolling over a 2nd time (my 4th actual time).

Thursday, 17 Feb 05 (back to top)

Milestone: I rolled over for the first time yesterday (7 months, 4 weeks). However it was in my crib while I was taking a nap and no one witnessed it.

Friday, 11 Feb 05 (back to top)

Milestone: Mom put me in the baby swing at the park on Wednesday and I loved it! Freya swung on the swing next to me. She really enjoyed having me next to her. It was neat.

Wednesday, 9 Feb 05 (back to top)

Milestone: When I am sitting up, I lurch forward into the crawl position. I don't actually crawl though. I then work my legs back until I'm on my stomach in pushup position. Then I get cranky. Also, when I'm in my playpen, I reach for the little piano and try to peek my head over the side of the playpen.

Tuesday, 8 Feb 05 (back to top)

I flew on my first airplane this weekend. We took 2 planes to Chicago and then Boston. Mom was wishing she had the baby carrier with her on the flight. I got to see Grandma Risa on Friday morning at the Acton Discovery Museum and then saw Grandpa Bernie when we went to their house for dinner that night. Dad's gotten pretty good at feeding me in my car seat without getting me too messy.

On Saturday I met a ton of my relatives. Great Grandma Nan was so happy to see me. I was passed around from one relative to another. On Sunday I met Dad's high school friends and then saw my first super bowl at Aunt Beth's house.

It was a long weekend and my naps were a little messed up. Mom and Dad kept us on California time so our flight back wouldn't be too hard. I actually slept about 2 hours of the 7 hour flight home. And Mom did have the front carrier so she and Dad took turns with me. It's good to be home!

Tuesday, 1 Feb 05 (back to top)

Here's an update on my nighttime routine: At 5:30pm Mom or Dad will feed me some baby cereal and some baby fruit or vegetables from a jar. At 6pm, Dad will change my diaper and put on my pajamas and a sleep sack. Mom will then nurse me in my room in the rocking chair and then put me down in my crib. I can then fall asleep on my own. I sleep until around 6am and then Mom nurses me and puts me back in my crib for another hour or so of sleep. Then I'm ready to start my day!

Monday, 31 Jan 05 (back to top)

I ate in my first highchair at a restaurant on Saturday. We went to the baby shower for Valencia Nobs. On the way home, the traffic in San Francisco was horrible. And Freya yelled out "I have to go potty!". So we took an exit and stopped at the McDonald's right there. Freya went pee and we all ate there. Freya was running around the restaurant in her pajamas and climbing on tables. Dad made some baby formula and mixed up some baby cereal. I made a mess of the high chair. Mom and Dad started laughing because of the craziness of it all.

Friday, 28 Jan 05 (back to top)

I'm starting to get more mobile. Mom and Dad used to be able to prop me up on the couch with a few pillows around me. Today I lurched myself forward off the couch. Ouch (not fun).

Monday, 24 Jan 05 (back to top)

Got another cold.

Friday, 21 Jan 05 (back to top)

Dad fed me this morning and was surprised that I've started opening my mouth for the spoon, making it much easier and less messy when feeding me. Mom said that I've done that one or two times before.

Thursday, 20 Jan 05 (back to top)

I've started saying my fourth sound a couple of days ago. I can now say "oooh". I can also sah "aah", raspberries (without the tongue), and a squeal. Dad saw me do raspberries once with my tongue 2 days ago too. And I'm getting better at sitting up by myself.

Milestone:: A few days ago, while on my belly, I was able to turn myself around 180 degrees. No forward or reverse movements though yet.

Wednesday, 12 Jan 05 (back to top)

Dad noticed that my hair is starting to grow. It's now a few inches long on the top of my head, and getting thicker in the back of my head. And now, when I'm in my exersaucer I can bounce/jump up and down quite actively. When I'm in my swing, I reach forward to grab the legs.

Milestone: I can sit up by myself for short periods of time. With pillows, I'm less likely to fall over.

Monday, 10 Jan 05 (back to top)

Mom took a look at my car seat Saturday and saw that it's good for babies up to 26 inches. I am now 27.5 inches, so it's time for a new car seat! Mom and Dad will buy Freya a "bigger" car seat, and I'll get hers. I'm looking forward to being a "big" boy now!

Wednesday, 5 Jan 05 (back to top)

Happy New Year! No new milestones as of late. I'm grabbing my feet more, "talking" more (various levels and frequencies of "ahhh"). When I'm on my tummy, I can push up with my arms pretty high. I reach for things but can't quite scoot forward yet. Soon! And I love putting anything and everything in my mouth. Mom and Dad have started feeding me twice a day -- rice cereal with a little bananas, carrots, peas, or sweet potatos.

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