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Our Photos - 2004

The photos below are actually stored on another website - either or the HP photo website By stroring our pictures there, you can view the pictures and even purchase any that you'd like. They'll send prints in any size to your home.

Please note, if you don't see the images after clicking on the links below, please click the "Refresh" button on your Web browser!

View photos from previous years: 2003, 2002, 2001


Favorite December photos (13 photos)

Christmas at Grandma Chula's and Grandpa Bear's (14 photos)

Favorite November 2004 photos (10 photos)

Thanksgiving family photos (23 photos)

Favorite October 2004 photos, including Halloween and Blaise at 4 months (37 photos)

Halloween party at Mama Bear's (14 photos)

Various photos from September 2004:

New pictures of Freya, Blaise, Marie & Ron from Aug 2004 (40 photos)
New pictures of Freya, Blaise, Marie & Ron from July 2004 (26 photos)
He's here! Pictures of Blaise Eddy Skoletsky's birth (30 photos)
June 2004 photos of Freya (7 photos)
May 2004 baby shower for Baby Boy (18 photos)
May 2004 Summer Potluck (21 photos)
Amalia Kamon's baptism (6 photos)
April 2004 family vacation to Palm Springs (12 photos)
Various family pictures from March/April 2004 (10 photos)
March 2004 visit to Eldridge Farm ( 18 photos)
March 2004 visit to Tilden Railway and Marie's Birthday (8 photos)
Jan/Feb 2004 family photos and Cousin Angelo's Birthday party (18 photos)

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