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Our Photos - from 2002

The photos below are actually stored on another website - either or the HP photo website By stroring our pictures there, you can view the pictures and even purchase any that you'd like. They'll send prints in any size to your home.

Please note, if you don't see the images after clicking on the links below, please click the "Refresh" button on your Web browser!

Holidays in Hawaii, Dec 2002 (14 photos) - added 5 May 2003
Freya pics - November & December 2002 (11 photos) - added 5 May 2003
Freya pics - Oct 2002 - Halloween and more! (22 photos) - added 15 Dec 02

Pictures from our Fallen Leaf Lake vacation and visit from our niece, Jenny, from Massachusetts (26 pictures) - added 28 July 02

[Don't forget to also look at our AIDS Walk pictures. Jenny joined us for the 10km walk!]

Photos from the 2002 AIDS Walk San Francisco (11 photos) - added 25 July 02

Meeting Freya's Great-Grandmother

Photos from our April 24-29 Boston Visit (added 5 May 02)

Photos from the Freya Fitness, Inc April 17 Postnatal Exercise Video Shoot (15 photos) - added 5 May 02

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