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We've been taking Birthing Classes in Berkeley the past month or so. Click on the pictures for larger images. Click on the text below the pictures for giant sized images.

To purchase 4x6 (or larger) prints of these pictures, go to our site!

Tuesday August 21

Moms: Susan, Debbie, Linda, Marie,
Charmane, Karen, and Liz
(Giant size picture: 964KB)

Couples: Susan & Robert, Debbie & Nelson,
Linda & Frank, Marie & Ron, Charmane & Paul,
Karen & Steve, and Liz & John
(Giant size picture: 964KB)

Tuesday August 14

Moms: Susan, Debbie, Marie,
Karen, and Liz
(Giant size picture: 937KB)

Couples: Susan & Robert, Debbie & Nelson,
Marie & Ron, Karen & Steve, and John & Liz
(Giant size picture: 919KB)